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Amino Acids -- The fundamental building blocks of proteins and also an important class of biochemicals involved in intermediary metabolism.

Cholesterol -- Can't live with it, can't live without it. This important steroid serves as the precursor to an entire lineup of essential steroids.

DNA -- The hard drive of the human body. This complex biopolymer is the storage site for genetic information.

Fatty Acids -- Long chained biochemicals that store food energy until it is needed. These molecules are also involved in a variety of biological functions.

Hormones -- Probably our biggest problems derive from increased blood levels of certain hormones. Once again, can't live with 'em, but can't live without 'em either.

Minerals -- A collection of bioessential salts that are used in a huge number of biochemical metabolic pathways.

Neurotransmitters -- Small biochemicals that our body uses to shuttle messages from one part to another. Often these guys are the target of abusive chemicals and drugs.

Phytochemicals -- The "vitamins" of the next millennium, these chemicals are mostly derived from plants. There is a growing body of evidence that many of these biochemicals can stop cancer.

Prostaglandins -- Bioactive lipids that act in a manner similar to hormones, although on a more localized basis. These chemicals are synthesized and degraded very rapidly.

Proteins -- Important biopolymers that play a critical role in the structure and function of the body. This class of biochemicals includes enzymes, collagen, and hemoglobin, to name a few.

Sugars -- An important food source for the brain. These biochemicals are involved in a vast number of important pathways and are also commonly used as structural components of proteins, enzymes, and cell walls.

Vitamins -- Derived from the term "vital amines", these essential biochemicals must be obtained in the diet. They are responsible for catalyzing some of the most complex biosynthesis in the body.

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