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Licensing Information

The Molecular Expressions program and website currently has several commercial partners that license the use of photographs, digital images, interactive Java tutorials, graphics, scripts, and other forms of intellectual property for a wide variety of products (see the Product Information section), but the program is continually interested in new ideas and marketing strategies.

All of the photographs, digital images, interactive Java tutorials, software, scripts, text, and other intellectual property posted on the Molecular Expressions website are jointly owned by Michael W. Davidson and The Florida State University Research Foundation. As copyright holders in the interest of these photographs, Davidson and the Research Foundation reserve all of their rights granted by the United States copyright law and international treaties, rules, and regulations. The copyright holders reserve the right to regulate and control the use of their intellectual property, and they strictly forbid any unlicensed or otherwise unauthorized use of any kind, including production of derivative works, without permission. The only use permitted without written approval is personal use that does not involve publication (printed or Internet), distribution, or any form of commercial application. Posting any of the Molecular Expressions intellectual property on a remote website constitutes publication and requires written permission in all cases.

Personal use of Molecular Expressions digital images, photographs, and other intellectual property is a highly specific category that includes applications made only by single individuals. For example, permitted individual use is defined as: personal screen savers, computer desktop wallpaper, icons on individual computers, printing images locally on a personal printer, and any other application that does not involve distribution or publication of the images. Questions regarding the personal use of Molecular Expressions intellectual property should be directed to the Webmaster.

Publication of any intellectual property appearing on the Molecular Expressions website is forbidden without prior written approval from the copyright holders. Publication includes posting the digital images, photographs, text, and interactive Java tutorials on individual, institutional, and corporate websites. This restriction also applies to publication of the photographs and digital images in printed matter such as newsletters, magazines, and books.

Publication (posting on the Internet or in printed materials) of any Molecular Expressions intellectual property without permission will automatically result in assessment of a cash license fee to the individual or institution by the Florida State University Research Foundation.

For selected individuals we will grant permission, without a license fee, to use these photographs and digital images on non-profit, educational, or institutional web pages. This permission does not extend to any of the graphics, interactive Java tutorials, scripts, or other software contained on the website. In particular, all materials contained in the Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer are not available for publication or use on remote websites (regardless of whether they are commercial or educational) without acquiring a license. For digital images and photographs captured with the microscope, commercial or other for-profit use is forbidden without permission and prior acquisition of a formal license.

Licensing Photomicrographs

Licensing Molecular Expressions photomicrographs and digital images for commercial use involves the execution of a License Agreement between The Florida State University Research Foundation and the licensee. The Research Foundation will require information about the organization, including intended uses of the photographs, as well as financial and other pertinent background information.

The Research Foundation will license the photographs and software for a royalty percentage of the wholesale sales revenue of items generated using the materials. The royalty percentage varies from product to product and is dependent upon the profit generated by the amount of product sold at wholesale. For further information about licensing agreements, please contact us for a sample contract.

Non-profit institutions may use a limited selection of digital images and photomicrographs for websites at no cost, provided that approval is received prior to use and that a proper acknowledgement is agreed upon. All use of Molecular Expressions images on remote websites requires an anchor link from the remote website to the Molecular Expressions index page. At the discretion of the Molecular Expressions webmasters, high-quality color photographic reproductions can be provided of images appearing on the website. In addition, thousands of other images in the Molecular Expressions collection are available for licensing and publication by individuals, educational institutions, commercial enterprises, and non-profit ventures. Approval for image use must first be obtained in all cases.

All revenue generated by licensing of photomicrographs owned by Michael W. Davidson and The Florida State University Research Foundation benefits research at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and funds development of the Molecular Expressions website.

Questions or comments? Send us an email.
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