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Welcome to the Molecular Expressions BeerShots website featuring photomicrographs and digital images (photographs taken through an optical microscope) of the World's most famous beers. We have arranged the beer images by country.

Technical Details - A discussion of the major aspects involved and techniques employed in photographing samples of beer through the microscope.

The links to individual beers lead to a page describing the beer with a 30-90 Kbyte JPEG image of that beer. The links to countries lead to a brief description of beer-brewing in that country and thumbnail 5-7 Kbyte JPEG images of the different beers from that country. Clicking on a thumbnail image or the link beside it will lead to the page for that beer. Enjoy!

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Australia - Beer from the land downunder.

James Boag's Premium Lager - J. Boag & Son Brewing was established on the banks of the Esk River, and has been producing beer for four generations. Using Tasmania's pristine water and top quality malt and hops, this lager is on par with some of the world's finest beers.

Broken Hill Lager - Brewed and bottled by the South Australia Brewing Co., Broken Hill Lager is one of Australia's finest beers.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer - Brewed naturally from only the finest ingredients, Bundaberg Ginger Beer's distinctive taste has made it Australia's top-selling ginger beer.

Castlemaine XXXX Export Lager - Brewed from a blend of two hop varieties and a tangy yeast, Castlemaine is a traditional Australian lager with a delicate aroma and clean, crisp taste.

Foster's Lager - This classic looking lager has a clean and distinctive taste, brewed to have an uncomplicated and minimal character, giving it a dry, light and tangy flavor.

Razor Edge Lager - Brewed and bottled by the ESK Brewery in Launceston, Australia, Razor Edge is one of Australia's many exported lagers.

Victoria Bitter Ale - This golden beer is brewed by Carlton and United Breweries, and has a delightful, full-bodied, hoppy flavor.

Belgium - Kingdom of microbreweries.

We're Looking For A Few Good Beers

Canada - Beer from our neighbors to the north.

Elephant Red - Brewed in Canada using only European hops, selected grains and a combination of roasted malts, this red lager has a rich, smooth taste that lacks the heavy aftertaste of most other lagers of its ilk.

Labatt's Blue Canadian Pilsener - Canada's number one selling beer, Labatt Blue is brewed from aromatic german hops to give it a well-balanced, spicy flavor with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Labatt Ice Beer - Produced using a special blend of selected North American and European aromatic hops, Labatt Ice was the first ice brewed beer, fermented at subzero temperatures for a smooth, full flavor.

La Fin Du Monde - Produced in the Canadian brewery Unibroue, La Fin Du Monde uses choice hops and malts to produce a fruity malt taste, with a zesty bitterness rounding out this well-balanced strong ale.

Maudite - This rich, sweet malt is a strong bottle-conditioned beer, having a very spirit-like quality with a hint of medicinal about it.

Molson Canadian Beer - Brewed using crystal clear water, choice hops and malted barley to produce a beer with a clear, crisp taste.

Molson Light - Fermented to be lighter in alcohol while retaining the same crisp taste, Molson Light is brewed with the same crystal clear water, fine hops and malted barley as the other fine Molson products.

Moosehead Canadian Lager Beer - Brewed in Saint John, New Brunswick, Moosehead has been brewing since 1867 and is sold in countries all over the world.

China - Beer from the mainland.

Tsingtao - Brewed from domestically-grown hops, imported Australian yeast and barley, and spring water from the Laoshan mountain area, Tsingtao is a well-balanced malty pilsner.

Czech Republic - Bohemian-style brewskies.

Pilsener Urquell - This light beer is often viewed as the standard by which all Pilsner beers are judged, having a clean, crisp taste, brewed using premium hoppings and malts.

Staropramen - This Czech lager has a slight bitterness and malty flavor, with a bittering hops aftertaste, and is reminiscent of burnt hop flowers.

Denmark - Land of the Carlsberg dynasty.

Carlsberg Beer - Carlsberg International has created a high-quality beer that is appreciated by discriminating beer drinkers, and is known as "probably the best beer in the world."

Elephant Malt Liquor - Brewed by appointment of the Royal Danish Court, Elephant Malt Liquor is produced in the Carlsberg Breweries of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dominican Republic - Largest beermaker in the Caribbean.

Presidente Pilsener - This cerveza-type pilsner beer is brewed in Santo Domingo of the Dominican Republic.

England - Beer from the pub.

Bass Pale Ale - Brewed since 1777 by Bass Brewers Limited, this English ale has a reputation of excellence in Burton-on-Trent, England.

Double Diamond Original Burton Ale - Having an international hop character, this British beer has a full malt flavor that is very drinkable.

Fuller's ESB English Ale - Known as the best British beer around, ESB is brewed from pale ale, crystal malts and various hops to produce what is the definitive premium ale.

Fuller's London Pride Traditional English Beer - Fuller's flagship brand, London Pride is the official bitter of British Airways and has a good malty base with well-developed hop flavors from many varieties of hops.

John Courage Amber Premium Beer - This amber colored ale has a full bodied, sweet taste and a roasty, hoppy palate, combining to create a complex, malty, session beer.

Mackeson Triple Stout - This milk stout is brewed to have a wonderfully smooth and thick consistency, with a rich sweetness of flavor reminiscent of chocolate milk.

Newcastle Brown Ale - Brewed in the oldest beer-making city in England, Newcastle Brown Ale is a mixture of two ales, a strong dark brew and a lighter blend. Incorporating pale ale and crystal malts, and brewed with English bittering hops, this ale is the city of Newcastle's main icon.

Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout - Originally brewed for great Champagne connoisseurs, Imperial Stout has a rich, flavorful taste.

Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale - This brown ale is a walnut-covered specialty, and is often used as a festivity beer, brewed in one of the oldest English brewing styles.

Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout - A classic stout from the Samuel Smith's Old Brewery, Oatmeal Stout is brewed with a style that recently underwent major changes in 1980. By brewing sweet roasted malts with choice hops, a very dark brown stout beer is produced with a smooth, creamy taste and slightly nutty finish.

Samuel Smith's Pure Brewed Lager Beer - Samuel Smith, most famous for their classic ales, offer what is known as "England's finest lager."

Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter - This classic English porter is brewed using a combination of caramel and roasted malts, bittering hops and other premium ingredients to produce a roasty oaty malt with a slightly fruity taste.

Watneys Cream Stout - This brew's engaging flavor offers an interesting mix of coffee, mocha and faint alcohol while creating a dynamic light-weight stout.

Whitbread Ale - This traditional ale has been brewing since 1742 and uses the highest grade of malted barley and choice English hops to produce one of England's finest pale ales.

France - Beer from the wineland.

Fischer LaBelle Strasbourgeoise - Brewed since 1821 by Fischer D'Alsace, this beer is one of the finest exports from France.

Germany - Beer center of the World.

Beck's - This Octoberfest beer has a spicy hop aroma, malt grain and caramel sweetness, similar to their signature smooth and pronounced bitterness.

Beck's Dark - Brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516, this dark lager is produced from barley malts, choice hops, yeast and brewing water, and bottled by Beck and Company Brauerei.

Bitburger Premium Pilsner - Brewed according to old traditions, Bitburger premium beer uses the very best ingredients to produce a very drinkable lager.

DAB Traditional - This dark beer has a malty, smooth, sweet taste that has a smoky, grilled flavor.

Dortmunder Union Original - Brewed by the Dortmunder Union, Union Original is one of the many fine beers from Germany.

Erbacher Premium German Lager - Brewed in the Odenwalk National Park, this German pilsner-style beer has a powerful honey taste.

Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier - An authentic Bavarian type beer, it is brewed using top fermenting and adheres to the German Purity Law.

Hacker-Pschorr Original Oktoberfest Malt Liquor - Brewed from slow roasted barley, pure spring water, exclusive yeast and the finest hops, Hack-Pschorr Original Oktoberfest uses a special brewing style to produce a century-old traditional taste.

Hackerbräu Edelhell Malt Liquor - An original Munich lager, Hackerbräu Edelhell Malt Liquor is brewed and bottled in Munich, Germany.

Hofbrau Bavaria Light Reserve - Brewed by Erste Kulmbacher Bavaria Kulmbach, Hofbrau Bavaria Light Reserve is one of the many fine German lagers.

Kaiserdom Rauchbier Smoked Bavarian Dark Beer - Bottled and brewed by Kaiserdom-Privatbrauerei Bamberg in Germany, Bavarian Dark Beer is specialty-smoked over moist beechwood logs.

Löwenbräu Premium Pilsener - This German pilsner has a hoppy, delicate bitterness brewed to reduce the alcoholic taste that many other beers exhibit.

Paulaner Munchen Hefe-Weizen - This authentic Bavarian-style wheat beer is brewed with both wheat and barley malts, and contains a low calorie count while maintaining a uniquely crisp and refreshing fruity flavor.

Paulaner Munchen Oktoberfest Malt Liquor - Using the classic Bavarian "marzen" style, this amber beer has a rich, smooth, hopped flavor.

Paulaner Munchen Original Munich - A truly authentic Munich lager, Original Munich has a rich, true, all natural flavor.

Paulaner Munchen Premium Pils - This brewmaster's favorite has a light, crisp taste and is the choice of many European beer connoisseurs.

Spaten Premium Lager - This bottom fermented lager is brewed from crystal clear spring water, a special mix of barley and wheat malts, European hops and first class beer yeast to produce a superbly well-balanced hop flavor.

St. Pauli Girl - Brewed from spring barley from the south of England, ice-age glacier water, plus hops from South Germany, St. Pauli Girl is a malt beer unsurpassed in both quality and taste.

St. Pauli Girl Dark - Using the same quality ingredients as its sister product, St. Pauli Girl Dark is remarkably smooth with rich malty taste, and the color is obtained by slow roasting the malt using a centuries-old recipe.

Weihenstephan Premium Bavaricum - Brewed by Bayer, Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan, the oldest brewery in the world, this premium lager is one of Germany's finest.

Wurzburger Hofbrau Light - This pure bavarian beer was brewed and bottled by Wurzburger Hofbrau AG, and has followed a tradition of quality since 1643.

Iceland - The origin of ice beers?

Viking Beer - Brewed using pure Icelandic water, malt, maize, sugar and hops, Viking Beer is produced by Viking Ltd in Akureyri, Iceland.

Ireland - Where Guinness rules.

Guinness Stout - This well-respected export stout is a rich, dark beer with a hoppy malt taste, severely bitter and malty aftertaste with an intensely bitter finish.

Harp - This golden lager has a great history of Celtic legend, brewed for a clean, full malt body with an evening hop leaf bitterness.

Italy - Beer and Spaghetti.

Menabrea Italia Birra - Brewed and bottled by Birra Menabrea Spa, Menabrea Italia Birra is one of the finer beers in Biella, Italy.

Moretti Birra Friulana - Made with great care to the highest quality brewing standards, Birra Friulana has been brewed by the Moretti family for five generations.

Peroni Birra - This high-quality lager is brewed using premium malts and hops, creating a slightly bitter lager which is the most popular brand in Italy.

Jamaica - Ya Mon.

Dragon Stout - Having a sweet, nutty, smooth flavor gives Dragon Stout an appreciable style and presence.

Red Stripe - Brewed by Desnoes and Geddes Limited, Red Stripe is one of the finest beers from Kingston, Jamaica.

Japan - Beer from the land of the rising sun.

Asahi Draft - This pale lager offers a faintly malty taste, reasonably pleasant malty character and is somewhat reminiscent of sake.

Kirin Lager - This premium beer is brewed using a traditional Japanese recipe to give it a mature, mellow flavor.

Sapporo Draft - This ceramic cold filtered beer is brewed by Sapporo Breweries LTD in Tokyo, Japan.

Korea - From the little pub in Seoul.

OB Dry Beer - Using choice ingredients, including a highly fermented dry yeast, OB Dry Beer is a specially flavored lager brewed by the Oriental Brewery Co., Ltd. in Seoul, Korea.

OB Lager Beer - Brewed and bottled by the Oriental Brewery Co., Ltd., OB Lager Beer is one of the finest lagers available for export in Seoul, Korea.

Mexico - Beer south of the border.

Bohemia Beer - Originally launched into the market at the turn of the century, Bohemia Beer is a premium lager with a reputation for quality.

Carta Blanca - Offering a golden refreshing taste, Carta Blanca has achieved more history and tradition than any other beer in Mexico.

Chihuahua - Brewed by Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua beer is one of the fine beers produced in Monterrey, N. I. Mexico.

Corona Extra - The flagship beer for Grupo Modelo, Corona Extra has been the number-one selling beer in Mexico, and remains as the leading export from Mexico. After being imported to the United States, Corona Extra became the fastest growing imported beer in history.

Corona Light - Created with the same top-quality ingredients as Corona Extra, this light beer uses the purest water, finest malt and best hops to create a smooth beer with fewer calories and less alcohol content than its sister brand.

Dos Equis Amber Lager - Brewed to have a soft aromatic taste, this amber lager has been very successful in the international market as well as Orizaba, Ver. Mexico, where it is produced.

Dos Equis Special Lager - This super-premium beer has been a big success in both Mexico and the international market, and has a soft golden aromatic taste of a lager beer.

Modelo Especial - This special pilsner maintains the traditional taste of cerveza, and has won various awards with several sanctioned publications.

Negra Modelo Dark Beer - This dark lager from one of Mexico's oldest breweries has a sweet, creamy flavor with a slightly chocolate aftertaste.

Pacifico Clara Cerveza - A brilliant gold beer with a slightly hoppy, yet full flavored taste.

Sol - A traditional Spanish beer, Sol has captured both the Mexican and International market with its light flavor, exciting aroma, and flavor of malt.

Tecate Cerveza - First brewed in 1944, Tecate Cerveza is a lager beer with an aroma of malt and hops, and a delicate balance in its taste. After receiving numerous awards in international exhibitions, Tecate was endorsed the world over through the preference of consumers.

Tecate Light Premium - This lager-type beer was first introduced into Latin America, and has used its modern image and full taste to win a special place in the international beer market.

Netherlands - The Dutch do it right.

Amstel Light - This light beer is the most highly imported light beer in the United States, and is brewed using a unique selection of malts, hops and water, as well as an intense fermenting process.

Grolsch Premium Lager - This premium beer has a sweet and fruity aroma with a slightly sour aftertaste and is brewed using high-quality Danish hops and malts.

Heineken Lager - Brewed in Holland using German hops, malts, and a unique strain of yeast, Heineken is one of the most recognized beers in the world.

Heineken Dark - This dark lager is one of Holland's premium beers, brewed using choice German hops, malts, and a special yeast to produce what is one of the most popular beers in the world.

Oranjeboom Premium Lager - A strong yet bitter pilsner beer, Oranjeboom is brewed with the best hops, finest malts, grains, and unique yeast to create a beer with rich flavor.

Peter's Brand Pilsner Beer - Brewed by the Union Export Brewery in Breda, Holland, Peter's Brand is one of the finer pilsners in Holland.

New Zealand - Sheepsville.

Steinlager - This premium lager is brewed from green bullet hops to produce a distinctive grassy note with a clean, crisp, bitter taste.

Philippines - Beer from the Pacific.

San Miguel - Brewed in the Balintawak Beer Brewery, San Miguel has a sweet aroma, medium body with a smooth moderate bitterness, and a clean palate.

Scotland - Kilts 'n Suds.

Belhaven Scottish Ale - This fully rounded ale is brewed using a variety of malts and choice hops, and has been produced in Scotland's oldest surviving brewery, Belhaven, since 1719.

McEwan's Export India Pale Ale - Brewed by the Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, McEwan's is one of the finest pale ales available in Scotland.

St. Andrews Belhaven Ale - Brewed in celebration of Scotland's national flag, St. Andrews Ale dates back to 1719, where it has been developed in one of the oldest breweries in Scotland.

Singapore - "Time for a Tiger."

Tiger - This premium Asian pilsner is brewed using choice water, hops, yeast, and malted barley to produce a distinctly flavored beer.

Switzerland - A few beers from the diplomats.

Lowenbrau Zurich - Choice hops, barley malts, yeast, and water make up the classic ingredients used in brewing Lowenbrau Zurich, a lager rich in both flavor and tradition.

Samichlaus Bier - This rare Swiss beer is brewed only once a year, ages for eleven months, and is bottled for distribution by Brauerei Hurlimann AG in Zurich.

Taiwan - Brews from the "other" China.

Taiwan Beer - Brewed by the Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monoploy Bureau, this beer has won gold medals for the Republic of China in multiple World Monde selections.

Thailand - Bang-up brews from Bangkok.

Singha Lager - This pilsner beer has a distinct hop aroma and flavor, fairly malty character, and a fairly bitter taste.

Togo - Suds from the Ivory Coast.

Ngoma Malt Liquor Awooyo Special - This pure African product is brewed by the BB Brewery in Togo, Africa, and is one of their finest exports.

Trinidad - More beer from the Caribbean.

Royal Extra Stout - This rich, dark stout was produced in the Carib Brewery, and is brewed to have a distinctively sweet and full bodied taste.

Turkey - Pilsners from the Mideast.

Efes Pilsener Premium Beer - Taking its name from the ancient Ionian city of Ephesus, Efes Pilsener uses expert brewing techniques to produce a beer with a strong, distinctive taste.

Tuborg Gold Label World Brand - Brewed from choice hops, malt, maize, yeast, and water, Tuborg Gold Label is produced at the Turk Tuborg Brewery in Izmir, Turkey.

United States - Ice and carbon dioxide.

Anchor Merry Christmas 1995 Happy New Year Ale - The twenty-first special ale produced by the Anchor Brewing Company, this beer is brewed with a different recipe each year with the intent of bringing joy and celebration of the newness of life.

Anchor Porter Beer - A unique dark brew, this porter beer is brewed to produce an intensely rich flavor.

Anchor Steam Beer - Brewed using pale and crystal malts, Northern Brewer hops and fermented with lager yeast, Anchor Steam Beer is created with all the roundness of a lager but the complexity of an ale.

Bud Dry - This premium beer is brewed to have a smooth, rich, and dry taste, following in the Anheuser-Busch tradition.

Bud Ice - Brewed with ice crystals, this premium beer has a rich, smooth, full-bodied taste.

Bud Ice Light - This premium Bud beer has a smooth, ice-brewed taste, but contains fewer calories than any other ice beer on the market.

Bud Light - This light beer has a unique refreshing taste, originally introduced in 1982, and later became the most popular light beer in 1994.

Budweiser - This premium lager has been brewed and sold since 1876, and is known as "The King of Beers."

Busch - This leading subpremium brand has a clean, snappy character, as well as a smooth, refreshing taste that has satisfied many Americans since 1955.

Cave Creek Chili Beer - Created at the foot of Black Mountain, Arizona, Chili Beer has attracted attention from all over the country, and is sold in 40 states.

Coors - Brewed using high country barleys, malts, premium hops, Rocky Mountain water, and a unique brewing process, Coors is one of the highest quality beers in America.

Coors Light - Brewed from malted barley, choice grain, and hops, Coors Light is known as "The Silver Bullet."

Dead Armadillo - This roasted red handcrafted beer is brewed by the Dead Armadillo Brewing Co. in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Dixie Beer - This pilsner has a noble hop aroma and flavor, and is brewed to a pale yellow color with a bitter taste.

Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager - Produced at the Dixie Brewing Company, this dark lager is brewed using choice malts and hops and has a heavy malt taste.

George Killian's Irish Red Lager - A unique Irish red lager, George Killian's is brewed using choice ingredients, including slow roasted caramel malt.

Grant's Scottish Ale - This rich, full-bodied ale was brewed with traditional Scottish methods, creating a malty-fruity character and spicy, herbal flavor.

Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve Beer - Making every effort to follow traditional brewing techniques, Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve is a true premium, hand-made beer.

Icehouse - The first domestically brewed ice beer, Icehouse is a bold, hoppy beer with no watered-down taste.

Iron City Premium Beer - The flagship beer for the Pittsburgh Brewing Company, Iron City Beer is brewed using choice barley malt, corn, and hops to produce one of the first true lager beers ever brewed in the United States.

Liberty Ale - Brewed using American pale malt, this traditional style ale boasts a robust, hearty taste with an aromatic flavor.

Lone Star - Produced in the Heart of Texas, Lone Star is brewed with choice grains, hops, and crystal clear water to create a smooth taste.

Michael Shea's Irish Amber Pub Style Lager - A skillful blend of a variety of barley malts, this full-bodied Irish lager has just the right amount of tanginess and aromatic character.

Michelob - This superpremium draft beer has a full, smooth, yet somewhat European taste.

Michelob Amber Bock - Anheuser-Busch first introduced this premium beer in 1995, having a special, rich, roasted taste.

Michelob Light - Introduced as the country's first superpremium light beer, Michelob Light has a pleasant aroma and hop character, as well as smooth taste.

Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor - Brewed by the G. Heileman Brewing Co., Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor is one of the finer beers produced in LaCross, WI.

Miller - One of America's favorite choices, Miller beer is made with the finest barley malts and "the heart of the hop."

Miller Genuine Draft - This draft beer represents a true innovation in American brewing, and is brewed with a patented filtering process that gives it a smooth drinkability.

Miller Lite - The original low calorie beer, Miller Lite is a carefully hand-crafted pilsner that uses the finest in brewing techniques to produce a fuller, richer tasting beer.

Mr. Mike's Light Ale - Bottled and brewed by the New Haven Brewing Company, Mr. Mike's is a fine light ale produced in New Haven, Connecticut.

Natural Light Beer - This light beer has a pleasing aroma, introduced in 1977 as the first reduced-calorie beer produced by Anheuser-Busch.

New Amsterdam New York Amber Beer - Blending American originality with fine Old World brewing techniques, this amber beer uses the most expensive ingredients to create what has been called one of the finest beers in the world.

Nor'Wester Blacksmith Porter - This dark British style beer is brewed using chocolate malts to create a stout with a rich, coffee-like flavor.

Old Milwaukee - Crafted with genuine malted barley, pure water, cereal grains, and selected hops, Old Milwaukee is both brewed and bottled by the Stroh Brewery Company in Detroit, Michigan.

Perry's Majestic Lager Beer - Brewed from rich grains of organically grown barley and hops, Perry's Majestic Lager Beer is bottled for the Riverosa Company Inc. NY under license by Frankemuth Brewing, Inc.

Pete's Wicked Ale - A pleasant example of a brown ale, Pete's Wicked Ale is described as "the original American brown ale."

Rattlesnake Premium Beer - This premium beer is handmade with pure artesian well water and all natural ingredients to assure a smooth taste.

Red Dog - By combining two malts and five different varieties of hops, Red Dog is brewed for full-flavor while providing an uncommonly smooth premium beer.

Red Ridge Ale - Brewed using the finest barley malts, hops, yeast, and water found in America, Red Ridge Ale is produced by the Rainbow Ridge Brewing Co. in Evansville, IN.

Rogue American Amber Ale - This ale has a surprising aroma of coffee, traces of maple, and a smooth malt character informed by the generous use of hops.

Rolling Rock Extra Pale - Brewed using choice hops, malted barley, corn rice, and mountain spring water, Rolling Rock beer is the product of many years of brewing tradition, and has come to be known as one of the most popular beers in America.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager - Leading the American beer revolution is Samuel Adams Boston Lager, a full-bodied brew developed by using the finest ingredients and age old German brewing techniques to produce what has been called "The Best Beer in America."

Samuel Adams Triple Bock - First brewed in 1991, Triple Bock is produced using a caramel malt variety, top-fermenting yeast, and choice European hops to produce a unique flavor reminiscent of old sherry and fine cognac.

Saranac Black and Tan Stout and Lager - This Irish beer is brewed with a wide selection of eleven different malts, creating a hearty classic stout.

Saranac Mountain Berry Ale - This refreshing summer seasonal ale is brewed using raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and honey.

Saxer Amber Lager LB - Specially brewed for excellence, Saxer Amber Lager is developed in the tradition of original American brewmasters.

Saxer Hefendunkel - Using a sophisticated blend of imported German caramel and malted barley, and brewing them with imported hops, Saxer Hefendunkel creates a rich, malt-roasted taste with a smooth finish.

Saxer Lemon Lager - Saxer Lemon Lager is brewed using Oregon grown Pale Malt barley and imported European hops to create a refreshing beer with a crisp, tangy lemon finish.

Saxer Pilsner - Brewed according to the traditions begun in Pilsen, Bohemia, Saxer Pilsner is a classic lager produced from malted barley and choice European floral hops.

Saxer Three Finger Jack Stout - Brewed according to the German Law of Purity, Three Finger Jack Stout is "The only lagered stout we know about."

Schlitz - Brewed with "Just the kiss of the hops," this is the beer that made Milwaukee famous.

Simpatico Lager - Combining Old World brewing techniques with a dedication to quality and hand-crafted care, Simpatico lager is brewed with the finest ingredients available, creating an award-winning lager.

Southpaw Light - This premium light beer is double-hopped for a unique beer taste that is brewed for more aroma, fuller body, and more flavor, creating a refreshingly drinkable beer.

St. Stan's Ale - Brewed using pale and caramel malts, aromatic hops for flavoring, and bittering hops, St. Stan's Ale has a very full, spicy, yet smooth flavor.

Weinhard's Blue Boar Red - This traditionally crafted beer has a deep, red color and an uncommonly smooth and rich taste.

White Ridge Wheat Beer - The finest wheat beer in America, White Ridge is brewed by the Rainbow Ridge Brewing Company in Evansville, Indiana.

Zima - This clear malt beverage is brewed with natural flavors by the Zima Beverage Company in Memphis, Tennessee.

Venezuela - The best beer in Latin America.

Polar Pilsner Beer - Brewed from a mix of malted barley and cereal flakes, Polar Pilsner has been adapted to the climate and customs of the Venezuelan people.

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