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High-Tech Materials

Buckyballs -- The third naturally-occurring form of carbon behind diamonds and graphite. This unusual alkene is formed in the shape of a soccer ball.

Liquid Crystals -- Long termed "the fourth state of matter", liquid crystals lie somewhere between a true liquid and a true solid.

Perovskites -- An interesting class of ceramics that serves as the basis for high-temperature superconductors.

Polymers -- New synthetic plastics and composites that have amazing properties.

Superconductors -- Revolutionary new ceramics and alloys that have no resistance to conductivity. A room temperature superconductor, when discovered, will impact almost every aspect of our lives.

Superlattices -- New materials that may someday replace the semiconductors we know today. These unique structures are built with epitaxy, literally atom by atom.

Magnetic Thin Films -- Epitaxially deposited thin films that are usually only a few atoms thick. This is the future of magneto storage devices.

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