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Rules and Regulations for Image Use

The images presented on the Molecular Expressions website are a combination of photographs or digital images captured with an optical microscope utilizing a variety of contrast enhancement techniques. As such, the use of these photomicrographs (or digital images) is regulated by the copyright owners and protected by United States Copyright Law. The copyright for these photographs and digital images is owned jointly by Michael W. Davidson and The Florida State University Research Foundation. The copyright owners reserve all of their rights under United States and other applicable international laws and regulations.

Unlicensed commercial, educational, and non-profit use on the Internet, or publication in print or any other media form, of these digital images or photomicrographs without written permission is strictly prohibited.

These rules, regulations, and copyrights also apply to drawings, three-dimensional graphics, interactive Java tutorials, scripts, software, and all of the text and other intellectual property contained within the Molecular Expressions website. In addition, we prohibit the production of derivative works made either digitally, photographically, or by any other process of reproduction, from the interactive Java tutorials, photographs, graphic drawings, software packages, digital images, and scripts contained on the website.

The Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer is a unique (and very expensive to produce) resource on the Internet and absolutely no part of this section is available to be posted on remote websites in any form (including but not restricted to HTML pages, PDF documents, and PowerPoint presentations). This restriction applies to all text, graphics, interactive Java tutorials, Flash tutorials, HTML5 tutorials and digital images contained within the primer.

Unauthorized use of Microscopy Primer materials on remote Internet websites may result in the assessment of a license fee to the individual and/or host institution responsible for copyright infringement.

Under certain circumstances, the university will allow personal use of Molecular Expressions images for screen savers, computer wallpaper, or other suitable non-profit applications for individual end users. This includes, but is not restricted to, materials from the Molecular Expressions website that are targeted for in-class use by qualified educational institutions. However, using any materials (images, text, and graphics) on remote websites constitutes publication and we require that you obtain permission from us prior to posting any images. In addition, we require that all images posted on remote websites, used in the classroom, or printed in circulated media, acknowledge the origin (Molecular Expressions) and appropriate copyright information for the photomicrograph or digital image on the page where it appears.

Qualified individuals and institutions can obtain permission to use Molecular Expressions photomicrographs and digital images by contacting the webmaster from the link button below or visiting our Contact Page. In many cases, we may elect to send alternative images (not shown in these web pages) for consideration in addition to the images displayed on the Molecular Expressions website.

The Florida State University Research Foundation is continually in search of new and interesting commercial applications for Molecular Expressions images. If you have an novel or unusual marketing or manufacturing idea please contact us for information about commercial licensing or to obtain a collection of images suited to your needs.

Molecular Expressions offers a custom photomicrography service for organizations that have product(s) that would benefit from marketing strategies using these types of images. We are constantly searching for suitable specimens to examine under the microscope and, often, are willing to exchange the use of original photographs for use of interesting samples and specimens. As an educational institution, we also offer photomicrographic services for other institutions and non-profit organizations. The availability of this service is based on our workload and the type of material to be examined. Contact us to determine if your samples will be suitable for photography or digital imaging in our laboratory.

Questions or comments? Send us an email.
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