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Commercial Partners

Molecular Expressions and The Florida State University have a number of commercial partners that have licensed our images to manufacture and market a variety of products. Many of these products are available on a national and international scale, and some are available through mail order services. Browse our partners Web pages below to discover more about the products that are available to the public.


  • Above Left - Above left is actively seeking licenses for products made from the many images in our Australian Collection.

  • Amber Lotus - Amber Lotus produces calendars, greeting cards, gift wrap, journals, page dividers, book marks and other exciting products from our images.

  • Computer Expressions - Computer Expressions is currently offering a series of dye-sublimation cloth mouse pads using a selection of images from our many collections.

  • Norcom - Norcom produces an excellent line of back-to-school portfolio folders from selections of our images. These include DNA, Moon Rocks, and Cholesterol.

  • The React Group - React produces items such as coffee mugs, pens, key chains, paper weights, refrigerator magnets and other premium items from our images.

  • Sheftex Inc. - Sheftex Inc. creates a beautiful collection of bed and bath ensambles from our Vitamin collection photomicrographs.

  • Stonehenge Limited - From the people who brought you the Jerry Garcia neckties comes MOLECULAR EXPRESSIONS: Art In Science pure crepe silk neckties, scarves, and boxer shorts.

  • Vomela - Vomela produces an excellent line of 3M SCOTCHPRINT Full-Color Graphics for signs and displays. Explore the possibilities with photomicrographs.

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