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Molecular Expressions Screen Savers

The wonder and beauty of several popular Molecular Expressions collections and tutorials have now been captured as screen savers. Both educational and fun, Molecular Expressions screen savers contain numerous user-configurable modules that produce varying effects during screen sleep mode and have been developed for use with the popular Windows line of operating systems. Available on CD or as a download for added convenience, these exciting new screen savers can be easily installed and configured after purchase by following our simple instructions. All of the proceeds from software sales benefit scientific research and education at The Florida State University, so purchase your Molecular Expressions screen saver today!

Amino Acids - The Molecular Expressions Amino Acid screen saver contains a variety of beautiful images from our Amino Acids collection. The stunning photomicrographs display the magnificence and splendor of biomolecules such as alanine, glutamine, and taurine, which are some of the many building blocks of proteins and enzymes.

Beershots - Whether you prefer the brews of the land down under or English pubs, you can quench your thirst here! The Molecular Expressions Beershots screen saver provides microscopic views of popular beers, lagers, and ales from around the world.

Birthstones - Such stunning gems as diamonds, opals, pearls, and rubies look even more breathtaking under the microscope than they do to the unaided eye. The Molecular Expressions Birthstones screen saver exquisitely captures their microscopic beauty, featuring all 12 of the photomicrographs from our Birthstones collection.

Chip Shots - Explore the hidden beauty in some of the hottest microprocessors designed by companies such as Intel, Hewlett Packard, and IBM. The Molecular Expressions Chip Shots screen saver contains a collection of full-color photomicrographs illustrating the delicate patterns observed on integrated circuit surfaces under the microscope.

Cocktails - Every hour can be cocktail hour with the Molecular Expressions Cocktails screen saver. The software features a wide variety of photomicrographs of popular alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks, such as a tequila sunrise and a Long Island ice tea.

DNA - The Molecular Expressions DNA screen saver contains more than 30 images from our DNA collection. The striking photomicrographs reveal the strange splendor of this organic chemical that codes genetic information of creatures large and small.

Microscapes - Microscapes are an exquisite blend of science and imagination constructed using multiple-exposure techniques in classical film photomicrography. Evocative of surrealistic landscapes, some of the images featured in the Molecular Expressions Microscapes screen saver are entitled "Ascorbic Acid, Idaho," "Icestation Zebra," and "Sulfur Canyon."

Molecular Expressions Sampler - Featuring 39 exciting images from our various collections, the Molecular Expressions Sampler screen saver offers individuals a tremendous amount of variety. The creative combination of such subjects as amino acids, birthstones, cocktails, and pharmaceuticals, allows even the most indecisive of us to have our cake and eat it, too!

Museum of Microscopy - Choose from several editions of the Molecular Expressions Museum of Microscopy screen saver, which features selected 3-D Studio Max drawings from our Museum of Microscopy collection. Four centuries of scientific history can be enjoyed as microscope images ranging from simple sixteenth century Dutch designs to the latest microprocessor-powered models appear upon your screen.

Pesticides - The Molecular Expressions Pesticides screen saver contains 20 images of common pesticides that have been recrystallized and photographed under the microscope. The unusual photomicrographs demonstrate an irony between the beautiful patterns generated by the crystallized chemicals and the dangerous nature of their mechanism of action.

Pharmaceuticals - An array of natural and synthetic medicinal substances are featured in the Molecular Expressions Pharmaceuticals screen saver. Recrystalized and examined under the microscope, drugs that are often used to alleviate pain, fight disease, and improve health display a colorful, abstract beauty which rivals that found in modern art.

Powers of Ten - Designed as an educational tool to introduce the concepts of exponential notation and orders of magnitude, the awe-inspiring Molecular Expressions Powers of Ten interactive tutorial has been developed into an exciting new screen saver. Taking this fantastic journey will provide you with a good perspective on the relative size of everything in the universe, as you begin 10 million light years from the Milky Way galaxy and end up face-to-face with a proton in the nucleus of a carbon atom here on Earth.

Religion Collection - Containing a wide variety of images from our Religion collection, the Molecular Expressions Religion Collection screen saver provides a microscopic view of objects that commemorate the great religions practiced around the world. Items featured celebrate the diverse beliefs of societies young and old, ranging from the ancient Aztecs to modern Islam.

Silicon Zoo Screen Saver - The Molecular Expressions Silicon Zoo screen savers contain a wide selection of creatures corralled in our beloved Silicon Zoo collection. Each edition offers a variety of creative doodles and artwork placed on integrated circuits by engineers when designing computer chip masks. High magnification photomicrographs reveal mysterious hidden oddities such as the USS Starship Enterprise, Godzilla, Dilbert, Lassie, and a guitar-strumming dinosaur!

Sugar Collection - Satisfy your sweet tooth without adding pounds to your hips! Indulgent, but calorie-free, the Sugars screen saver contains eight eye-catching photomicrographs of various sugars, such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose.

Vitamins - The Molecular Expressions Vitamins screen saver provides a new way for you to get your recommended daily allowance. Featuring 30 dazzling images from our Vitamins collection, the screen saver can help fulfill your need for such essentials as ascorbic acid, niacin, beta-carotene, and riboflavin.

Wine Collection - Enjoy a blend of whimsy and wine with the Molecular Expressions Wine screen saver. The software contains vibrant photomicrographs of a number of different types of wine, including such favorites as chianti, white zinfandel, burgundy, and champagne.


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