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Beer Wallpaper

Wallpaper made from a gallery that features photomicrographs of the various beers in our collection. This includes everything from Amstel to Pilsner Urquell. Check out your favorite beer and cover your desktop with the wallpaper.

African Beers -- Togo is a small country in Africa that produces some of the finest beer and malt liquor on the continent.

Australian Beers -- It has been reported that residents of Darwin, in Northern Australia are the World's record-holders with respect to beer drinking, being able to down an average annual consumption of over sixty gallons per person! The Australians began brewing some serious beer in the middle of the nineteenth century, and the brewing industry has grown dramatically ever since. Today, Australia is one of the World's major beer exporters.

Canadian Beers -- The Canadian beer industry has many loyal followers in the United States. Most of the beers produced in Canada are lagers, although some ales are also popular. The two biggest brewers in Canada are Molson and Labatt, together sharing over 75 percent of the beer market in this country. Labatt also brews Budweiser and Michelob in Canada under license from Anheuser-Busch.

Caribbean Beers (Dominican Republic) -- The Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana is the primary manufacturer of beer in this Caribbean nation. Although not very well known, it's premier beer, Presidente Pilsner is popular in many Hispanic neighborhoods in the United States.

Caribbean Beers (Jamaica) -- The Desnoes and Geddes Brewery is Jamaica's primary beer manufacturer, producing Red Stripe, Red Stripe Light, Dragon Stout. They have also licensed the rights to manufacture Heineken and Mackeson Stout for the Caribbean market.

Caribbean Beers (Trinidad) -- Beer from the Caribbean.

Chinese Beers -- Beer-brewing on mainland China is relatively new, and there are only a few active breweries. Perhaps as the Chinese economy becomes more capitalistic, the art of brewing will become as mainstream as it is in the western countries.

Czech Beers -- Bohemia has had an important role in the beer brewing community since the beginning of brewing. The Urquell Brewery in Pilsen dates back to 1292, with the introduction of Pilsner beers and produces the Pilsner Urquell brand that is famous around the World.

Danish Beers -- The primary national drink of the ancient Scandinavians was said to be ale or oel. The two most famous Danish beers are Carlsberg and Tuborg, and over eighty percent of all beer produced and consumed in Denmark is brewed by United Breweries, the makers of these beers.

Dutch Beers -- The Heineken Brewery in Holland is the world's third largest beer-producer behind only the Anheuser-Busch and Miller giants in the United States. There are also a number of other excellent beers produced in Holland, and some of these are examined below.

English Beers -- England and Germany are perhaps the World's most famous beer-brewing countries. The pale ales of Burton are perhaps the finest in the world and the Samuel Smith series of beers is popular in many countries. England is the third largest beer-producing nation in the world with an annual production of over 6 billion liters.

French Beers -- The french actually began brewing beer in the days of Julius Caesar, making a beverage that closely resembles the white beers made from wheat and oats. Today, France has a number of excellent breweries and exports several beers to other countries around the world.

German Beers -- Germany is the world's second largest beer producer but the German people are, by far, the largest consumers of beer. In the opinion of many beer aficionados, the name Germany is synonymous with Beer. The Beershots German Beer Collection is second in number only to the United States, and this is chiefly due to availability.

Icelandic Beers -- We really have no solid information about beer brewing activities in Iceland, but we know for sure that they brew beer, because we have a sample.

Irish Beers -- Guinness Stout is perhaps one of the World's most famous beers and no discussion of Irish beer would be complete without mentioning the story behind Guinness. For this, we refer you to an excellent volume by Peter LaFrance entitled "Beer Basics" that is available from John Wiley and Sons of New York.

Italian Beers -- The Italians are generally known for their tastes in wine, but they also brew some excellent lagers and pilsners that are exported.

Japanese Beers -- The Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd. is Japan's largest and most famous brewery. Kirin has about a 50 percent market share in Japan and is World-famous for its Amagi-Nijo malting strain that is now used to produce approximately half of the beer in the World. Shortly after World War II, allied forces split the Dai Nippon Brewery into the Asahi and Sapporo Breweries, who have produced beers that are featured in our library of photomicrographs.

Korean Beers -- The Oriental Brewing Company is Korea's largest brewer, although several Japanese brewers operate in the country.

Singapore Beers -- In Singapore, the Pilsner-style beer, Tiger dominates the scene.

Mexican Beers -- Mexican beers have had to compete with the traditional drinks tequila and mescal, both of which are made from the same plant, the agave cactus. Today there are six major breweries in Mexico that produce a spectrum of tasty beverages.

New Zealand Beers -- British Navy Captain James Cook was the first to initiate brewing on this island nation when he established a brewery at Dusty Sound. Today, there are three primary breweries in New Zealand, Dominion Breweries, Ltd., Lion Breweries, Ltd., and the Leopard Brewing Company. New Zealand beer is oriented toward English and Netherlands-style lagers with Steinlager being one of the most popular beers, both in New Zealand and around the World.

Philippine Beers -- The San Miguel Brewery was founded in 1890 and became the first brewery in Southeast Asia. San Miguel beer has long been a favorite beer of the United States sailors and soldiers stationed in the Philippine Islands.

Scottish Beers -- The nut-brown ales of Scotland have never had any really serious competition since their inception. Many of the English beers are very popular in Scotland, but the Scottish ales are still what makes this country's beer so popular.

Swiss Beers -- Beers brewed in Switzerland are made in a very similar manner to those made in Germany. These beers are made primarily with water, hops, malt, and yeast.

Thai Beers -- The most famous Thai beer is Singha, a pale lager that has attracted attention around the world.

Taiwanese Beers -- Beer brewing in Taiwan and mainland China has only recently developed to a large extent and many beers are not currently being exported. The only beer that we have available is Taiwan Beer.

Turkish Beers -- Turkey has two major breweries that are both located in the European side of the country. These breweries both produce a light and a dark pilsner beer that is exported throughout the world.

United States Beers -- Many people equate beer drinkers in the United States to rednecks driving around throwing Pabst Blue Ribbon cans along the highway as they make their way to the mud bog-in with their 5 dogs, 8 shotguns, chrome-plated toolbox and CB radio in a brand-new, but beat up pickup truck. Actually, we do see those scenes here in the South, but for the most part, there are as many different kinds of United States beer drinkers as there are United States beers.

Venezuelan Beers -- The only beer from Venezuela of which we are aware is Polar Pilsner.

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