Bernardinus Marzoli Wooden Compound Microscope (circa 1811)

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Karl E. Deckart

Our second featured microscopist is the renowned German photographer (both micro and macro) Karl E. Deckart. With his excellent reflected light microscopy using differential interference contrast techniques, Karl has been a consistent winner of the Nikon Small World competition and has collected a total of 16 prizes and several honorable mentions.

Deckart's reflected light image of aluminum milling grooves on the surface of bar stock captured 5th prize in the 2000 Small World competition.

Karl E. Deckart
Soap Bubble
Macro Photograph Gallery

Karl Deckart, who holds a master's degree in Electrical Engineering, has published over 50 articles in photography periodicals and over 2000 images in various media, including calendars, posters, television, and commercial video. His images have been on display or used in printed form in Germany, Greece, Japan, and the United States. Deckart is co-author of "Mittelformatpraxis", a book on medium format photography published by Linhof, a German camera manufacturer. During his career, Karl has designed and construsted a wide angle medium format camera as well as a hand-held 4 x 5-inch format camera. He has also developed and patented a medium format camera designed specifically for micro/macro photography.

Represented by stock photography agencies in Germany and Japan, Deckart has also exhibited his photographs in the United Nations building (New York), the Siemens foyer in New Delhi, the National Museum of Taipeh, the Fuji Film Company in Tokyo, the Art and Science Museum at Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, and throughout Germany. Karl was honored with a gold medal for the soap film images at Pforzheim, Germany. He is a member of DGPh, the German Photography Society and the Royal Microscopical Society, Oxford, in the United Kingdom.


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