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Dollond's Tripod Microscope

This intricately-detailed brass rendition of a Culpeper-style dual-tripod type microscope was fabricated by British microscope maker John Dollond in the early eighteenth century.

John Dollond specialized in microscopes of this design motif, however Dollond introduced many improvements in the basic Culpeper design including a focusing rack that enhanced the ability to finely tune specimen focus. The microscope body is fashioned from brass tubing covered with bright red velum decorated in gold highlights. This particular model lacks the focus rack, and must be focused by sliding the inner body up and down within the outer tube. Unlike the basic Culpeper models, the brass tripod legs are aligned to enhance access to the substage reflector and specimen stage.

The microscope was sold with three to six objectives of different magnification housed within a drawer in the wooden base. Dollond produced a number of variations on this model, although the basic design tenets and brass construction materials remained constant from model to model.


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