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To order products, please contact NORCOM directly:

NORCOM - Tools For Knowledge
6575 Jimmy Carter Boulevard
Norcross, Georgia 30071
Tel: 404-477-5525
Fax: 404-446-5751

Product Profiles: Presentation Folders, Notepads, and Large Binders.

  • Large Binders - Designed for the serious science-oriented student, these colorful three-ring binders contain a dictionary, three colored tab dividers, a storage clip, and 110 sheets of wide-ruled paper to help the organization and flow of both school and home work.

  • Presentation Folders - Perfect for organizing papers and homework, these presentation folder portfolios are adorned with images from many of our photomicrograph collections.

  • Notepads - Small enough to fit into a shirt or coat pocket, these colorful notebooks are ideal for jotting reminders, assignments, telephone numbers, directions, or other important notes.

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