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Vomela System Graphics uses the Scotchprint electronic graphics system, a powerful new technology that makes it possible to produce full color images of virtually any size with interior and exterior durability.

The system is comprised of a high resolution color scanner, a powerful host computer and a four-color electrostatic output printer. The process enables a color or black-and-white image to be scanned and reproduced onto Scotchprint permanent or removable self-adhesive vinyl film or image paper.

Molecular Expressions photomicrographs are now being applied to the unique Scotchprint electronic graphics system by Vomela.

To order products, please contact Vomela directly through e-mail or through conventional methods:

274 East Filmore Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55107
Tel: (800) 645-1012

Product Profiles: Snowmobile Graphics, Truck Panel Graphics, Pickup Truck and Camper Graphics, Delivery Truck Graphics, Backlit Kiosk Graphics, Hanging Banners, Suspended Banners, Large Hanging Banners.

  • Snowmobile Graphics - Got a need for speed? These photomicrographic racing stripes are a great way to show it. By adding dimension and color to an otherwise standard machine, these stripes are a great way to show your individuality and love for going fast.

  • Panel Truck Graphics - Decorated with graphics from our Photo Gallery, this panel truck is flaunting Vomela's panel truck graphics. These graphics are the ideal way to set your truck apart from the rest by adding contrast and liveliness to your vehicle.

  • Pickup Truck and Camper Graphics - Another great way to individualize your vehicles, these graphics are a wonderful way to provide cohesion between your pickup truck and camper. Along with that, these graphics provide another source for both color and design on your truck.

  • Delivery Truck Graphics - Would you like to get your business noticed? Decorating your delivery trucks are a great way to do it. While these trucks drive down the highway catching peoples' eye with our stunning graphics, your name will be seen with each and every glance.

  • Backlit Kiosk Graphics - Would you like to bring color, light, and design to your next project or display? These backlit kiosks are the perfect way to do just that. Utilizing images from our Photo Gallery, this beautiful kiosk is a great center of attention.

  • Hanging Banners - These hanging banners are the perfect way to bring attention to an important part of your building or a wonderful way to bring contrast and color to an otherwise boring wall or walkway.

  • Suspended Banners - A great and inexpensive way to advertise, these suspended banners are a superb and tasteful way to get your message across. Using our images and your logos, your business will be easily remembered.

  • Large Hanging Banners - The perfect way to announce a large gathering or special event, these large hanging banners will attract a great amount of attention. These banners are a wonderful way to advertise a grand opening, a new exhibit, or a special guest speaker.

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