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Microscopy Equipment, Supplies, and Services

4pi Analysis - 4pi produces the Spectral Engine II, a Mac-based digital imaging and X-ray spectrum acquisition tool for electron microscopy.

A. Kruess - Nearly 200 years in the business, the A. Kruess company has been closely involved in the fields of technology, science, optics and precision engineering and manufacturing of a wide variety of high precision optical instruments.

Advanced Research Systems - A repair and maintenance facility that provides service for analytical instrumentation, including microscopes.

Advanced Surface Microscopy - This company solves commercial and industrial processing and materials problems using their scanning probe microscopy facilities.

Applied Precision - This company designs, manufactures and distributes its patented, advanced, high precision, high quality products and systems to the semiconductor, biotechnology and biomedical, laser, and electro-optical industries.

ASTON Metallurgical Services - ASTON is an independent laboratory and consulting firm for metallurgical testing, consulting, failure analysis, and problem solving.

Bio-Rad Laboratories - The website contains information about this scientific supply company; its products, news, employment opportunities and financial highlights.

Bi Optic - Bi Optic specializes in the sale and repair/rebuild of visible light microscopes. Their partnership with Olympus allows the company to provide more services to their customers at the level of service that has made Olympus one of the best values in the industry.

Bioptechs - A Pennsylvania company that designs, develops, and manufacturers live-cell microscopy environmental control instrumentation for qualitative and/or quantitative light microscopy.

BOC Edwards - BOC Edwards is the world's leading manufacturer of high vacuum products and systems. They are known for superior performance and high reliability of their vacuum pumps and vacuum technology at an affordable price.

Cal-Ed Optical - Cal-Ed Optical specializes in sales and complete repair, cleaning, and maintenance of both stereo and compound microscopes ranging from elementary to complex research microscopes. The company also sells new and some used microscopes as well as the latest in Ken-A-Vision's Video Flex, video microscopy systems.

Cargille Laboratories - A name synonymous with immersion oil, Cargille has consistently led in the development and standardization of immersion media for over 50 years. The company currently offers a variety of oil formulations covering a wide spectrum of viscosities and fluorescence levels. In addition, Cargille manufactures refractive index standards, mounting media, custom liquids for optical engineering, heavy liquids, viscosity tubes, and other useful products for the microscopist.

Carl Zeiss - Manufacturer of fine microscopes, photography supplies and other high-quality optical components.

Cerebral Palsy Symptoms - Learn all about Cerebral Palsy and other common birth injuries here. Cerebral palsy is the most common type of physical disability in childhood. It affects just over 2 children in 1,000 live births.

Charles Evans & Associates - Here you will find information about surface analysis techniques and instrumentation used for the characterization of materials, approaches to materials problem solving in the semiconductor and other industries, literature and information about Charles Evans & Associates, an ISO 9002 certified analytical laboratory.

Chroma Technology Corp. - A very nice website from a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of optical coatings and filters.

Commercial WWW Sites for Microscopy & Microanalysis - A extensive listing of vendors and suppliers of microscopy equipment and supplies.

Compix - This company manufactures and markets IR (infrared) thermal imaging systems.

Core Electron Microscope Facility - The Core Electron Microscope facility offers a full EM service as well as allowing qualified individuals to carry out their own EM projects. Training on specific instruments is available by arrangement.

Delaware Diamond Knives - DDK manufactures diamond knives for ultramicrotomy, diamond scalpels for ophthalmic surgery, specimen preparation products for light microscopy and electron microscopy, tungsten carbide knives for undecalcified bone histology, sapphire knives for neuroscience sectioning, CVD diamond parts and components, precision single point diamond tools, fiber optic cleavers, and diamond milling tools.

Diatome U.S. - Diamond knives for cryo-ultramicrotomy, light microscopy, histology, and electron microscopy are available from Diatome, the largest manufacturer of Diamond Knives.

Ernest F. Fullam - Ernest F. Fullam, Inc. specializes in supplying OEM and aftermarket accessories for electron and light microscopes.

Evex - This company offers services, equipment and upgrades for X-ray microanalysis Systems.

FEI Company - FEI offers a complete line of FIB, SEM, TEM, and ESEM products serving the semiconductor, thin film, materials sciences, and life sciences applications.

Fisher Scientific - Fisher's official website featuring over 245,000 products and an online catalog.

Fotronic - A manufacturer and distributor of fiber optic test equipment, Fotronic also produces microscopes for fiber and connector inspection.

Gatan - Gatan is a leading supplier of products and accessories for the electron microscopist.

Geller MicroĆnalytical Laboratory - MicroĆnalysis provides products, services, and training courses for electron microscopy. Geller also offers traceable calibration standards. The calibration standards from ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) for scanning electron microscopes are E766 and the standards for calibrating reticules in optical microscope measurements are E1951-01.

GW Electronics - GW Electronics manufactures products and accessories to enhance the performance of scanning electron microscopes.

Hitachi Instruments - Hitachi supplies high technology analytical instrumentation and services.

IBM Microelectronics: IBM's Analytical Services - IBM offers many analytical services for the microelectronics industry as well as for general industry.

IET Ltd. - During the last decade and a half, International Equipment Trading Ltd. has established itself as the preeminent source of reliable, high quality, reconditioned laboratory instrumentation. IET Ltd. serves laboratories, large and small, in industry, research institutions, and universities around the globe.

Instec - Instec, Inc., manufactures high precision temperature controllers, microscope hot and cold stages, and microscope warm stages for optical microscopy, microbiology, cell biology, and the semiconductor industry.

JEOL USA - JEOL USA is responsible for sales of JEOL instruments (some of the finest in the world) in North America, Central America and South America.

J.R. Instruments - A Southern California distributor that sells new and reconditioned microscopes for use in the industrial, biomedical, clinical and gemological fields. The company also stocks many accessories such as fiber optic and fluorescent illumination, and is a certified repair, service and reconditioning center for Bausch & Lomb, Leica, Nikon and Olympus microscopes.

Labtek - Located in Campbell, California, the company offers a large selection of new and used microscopes for laboratory, metallurgical, inspection, educational, and measuring purposes (including brands such as Meiji Techno, Wesco, Nissho Optical, Motic, Union Optical, Unitron, and Leica). In addition, they provide fluorescent and fiber optic illuminators, light guides, Ushio replacement bulbs, metrology tools, and accessories such as objectives, eyepieces, stages, and stands. Labtek is an authorized Sony Medical dealer for video monitors, CCD cameras, video printers and print packs.

Leica - German manufacturer of a full line of scientific microscopes, fine optics, and photographic equipment.

Lehman Scientific - Located in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, Lehman offers new and used scientific equipment, including, microscopes, power supplies, centrifuges, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, and oscilloscopes.

Lomo America - Lomo microscopes are distinguished by superb optical quality of objective lenses, eyepieces and high precision manufacturing of mechanical components. The company offers microscopes from basic models – for students, teachers and home studies to very sophisticated, multifunctional systems for scientific, educational, scientific and other applications.

M2 Associates - M2 Associates has been supplying stereo zoom and metallurgical microscope systems to the semiconductor and related industries since 1982. Their extensive inventory of microscopes from major OEM's such as Nikon, Olympus and Bausch & Lomb, allows them to customize microscope configurations to specific customer requirements. The company also supplies video and imaging systems and microscope stands (6 or 8-inch).

MatTek Corporation - MatTek manufactures Glass Bottom Culture Dishes. These dishes combine the convenience of standard size 35 and 50 mm disposable plastic Petri dishes with the optical quality of glass coverslips, providing life science researchers with improved high resolution microscopic images of their in vitro cell cultures. These dishes are routinely used in confocal, polarized light and fluorescence microscopic techniques, among others. Free Samples can be ordered directly from the Web site.

The McCrone Group - Founded in 1956 and located in Westmont, Illinois, The McCrone Group, Inc., is internationally recognized as a world leader in microscopy, microanalysis, materials characterization, and the solving of tough materials problems. Today, The McCrone Group, Inc. is regarded as "The Premier Microscopy Resource" and combines the talents and skills of its staff in the areas of materials analysis, instrument sales, and education.

The McCrone Research Institute - the McRI is the original teaching and research institute founded by Dr. Walter C. McCrone offering more than 50 microscopy courses each year and featuring over 25,000 graduates since 1960.

Meade Instruments Corporation - Founded in 1972, Meade is a world leader in the design and manufacture of telescopes and accessories for amateur astronomers. The Company's innovative and technologically advanced products also include compound microscopes.

Micro Star Technologies - A catalog of Micro Star's diamond knives is the chief feature of this site, and there is also information on their exchange and resharpening services, and a knife care manual.

MicroBrightField - MBF produces solutions for brain mapping, neuron tracing and unbiased stereology.

Microscope World - Offering a wide assortment of entry-level compound and stereoscopic microscopes and video equipment, the Microscope World website also is a good source of information pertaining to K-12 level activities such as observing protozoans and other microscopic pond creatures.

Microscopy Vendors Database - Another extensive listing of vendors for microscopy equipment and supplies.

Molecular Imaging - Molecular Imaging develops and manufactures atomic force and scanning probe microscope systems for high-resolution imaging in fluids or ambient air and under controlled temperature and environmental conditions. Among their products is an atomic force instrument designed for multi-user, multi-function academic, and industrial research labs. Applications include nanotechnology, nanobiotech, electrochemistry and polymer, material, and life sciences.

JC Nabity Lithography Systems - This aftermarket company offers the Nanometer Pattern Generation System (NPGS), which allows a commercial SEM or STEM to be used for state-of-the-art electron-beam lithography. The web site includes images of a wide range of patterns and devices made using SEM lithography.

Nanoprobes - This company sells and specializes in immunogold labeling and immunoassay technology. Nanoprobes has one of the nicest (but too having too large a file size) backgrounds on their website.

National Microscope Exchange - National Microscope Exchange supplies new and used microscopes, glass slides, coverslips, immersion oil, laboratory supplies, video cameras, stereomicroscopes, home school supplies, and veterinary supplies. Brand names include Olympus, Swift, Nikon, Meiji, Leica, Leitz, Bausch & Lomb, Leichert, Discovery, Zeiss, American Optical, and Cambridge.

Nikon USA - Nikon is a Japanese manufacturer and distributor featuring an extensive line of high quality professional microscopes, objectives, lenses, film cameras and digital video cameras.

Olympus America - Manufacturer with a full lineup of professional microscopes, objectives, consumer cameras, lenses and accessories.

Omega Optical - Omega is involved in engineering, development and production of optical filters for color discrimination in optical and electro-optical systems, from the deep UV to the mid IR.

Oxford Instruments - Oxford concentrates upon the needs of researchers in the physical sciences and works on a diverse variety of projects as well as offering ranges of well-designed products for many applications. Their core technologies are cryogenics, superconductivity, vacuum and electronics.

PhotoMetrics - Since 1970, PhotoMetrics has been solving production and failure analysis problems through materials characterization. They are an analytical laboratory offering an experienced technical staff with state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and instrumentation.

Polysciences - Polysciences, Inc. manufactures high quality products for histology, light microscopy, and electron microscopy including embedding Kits - GMA and MMA plastics, paraffins, and EM embedding media, Peel-A-Way embedding molds, stains (certified, special, and EM), mounting media, and Tissue Tack microscope slides.

Princeton Gamma-Tech - PGT produces electron microscopy accessories and software for the scientific community.

Princeton Instruments - Since 1981 Princeton has been building CCD based systems for low light and multichannel spectrometer work.

ProSciTech - PST offers on online catalog of microscopy products and accessories.

Research Diagnostics - RDI is a distributor of immunochemical products including Jannsen Drugs, monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, growth factors, and chemokines.

Scanalytics - Now part of BD Biosciences, this company produces image analysis systems and scientific image processing software for Apple and Window operating systems.

Soft Imaging System - Soft Imaging has a product lineup that consists of different image analysis programs, 3d-reconstruction tools, image databases, device interfaces and extruded profile measurement software.

South Bay Technology - SBT produces sample preparation equipment and supplies for metallography, crystallography and electron microscopy.

SPI Supplies - This website is an information resource for microscopy and microanalysis and features an on-line catalog with supplies, equipment, books, chemicals, and other accessories.

Synoptics - A British company that develops and manufactures hardware and software components for imaging solutions.

Ted Pella (USA) and Pelco International (export) - The Microscopy Mart contains supplies for electron microscopy and general scientific laboratory products.

Thermo NORAN Instruments - Thermo NORAN Instruments Inc. is a technology leader in microanalysis and confocal microscopy. Founded in 1964 as Northern Scientific, Thermo NORAN Instruments was known as Tracor Northern until it was purchased by Baker Hughes Incorporated in 1990 and Thermal Electron Corporation in 2000.

Third & Fourth Microscope Service - This Chicago-area dealer offers microscopes, accessories, and digital imaging equipment from well-known manufacturers such as American Optical, Zeiss, Leitz, Leica, Olympus, and Nikon.

Total Resolution - Total Resolution writes software for use in electron microscopy and crystallography imaging applications.

VayTek - VayTek creates digital imaging systems and hardware for science and microscopy.

Veeco Metrology Group (VMG) - VMG, formerly Park Scientific Instruments (PSI), has become a worldwide technology leader in atomic force microscopes (AFM) and scanning tunneling microscopes (STM) used in both ambient and ultra-high vacuum.

Vermont Optechs - Vermont Optechs is a leading source of quality used optical microscopes and microscope accessories for researchers in many disciplines. Their microscope selection includes upright and inverted microscopes for biological and metallurgical research, reflected and transmitted light stereomicroscopes and Wild macroscopes, microscope accessories including photo and video microscope camera systems.

XEI Scientific - XEI specializes in solving contamination problems in scanning electron microscopy and microprobes.

Xillix Technologies Corp. - Xillix is a medical device company engaged in the research, development and commercialization of imaging products.


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