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Carl Zeiss Ultraphot II
Microscope System

In our opinion, this is perhaps one of the most beautifully crafted microscopes ever created. The sweeping design with its elegant curves and unusual camera head made this Zeiss microscope one of the classics of the period.

The microscope has a 100 watt incandescent illumination system in addition to an Osram 200 watt mercury arc lamp that together are termed the Luminars System. Equipped with a matching all-metal work desk and power supply control, this microscope is a complete self-contained unit. Photomicrography is accomplished with a 35 millimeter camera head (shown), but the unit also has a 4" x 5" camera head complete with a Polaroid 500 film holder. The mechanical stage and substage condenser work with rack and pinion gear sets, a common feature of microscopes made in this era. Eyepieces, objectives and other internal lens elements are typical of the excellent quality seen by Zeiss throughout this century.


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