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Charles Chevalier's
Horizontal Microscope

French instrument maker Charles Chevalier developed this microscope in 1834, and described it thoroughly in his book: Des Microscopes et de leur Usage. Created primarily from a co-design while in partnership with his father, this microscope was revolutionary in both concept and execution.

The microscope is constructed entirely from brass and is supported by a large heavily weighted tripod foot connected to a thick central pillar. The coarse focus adjustment is integrated with a vertical screw that serves as a fine adjustment acting on the bracket securing the stage plate. The body tube can be oriented so that it is positioned either horizontally or vertically using a compass joint. The condenser is built on the bottom side of the stage and the entire unit is secured to a second square-cut limb that also has pinions for the concave reflector. A right-angled prism housed within the lower part of the substage condenser serves to direct light through the condenser and onto the specimen. The microscope is equipped with Huygenian eyepieces and also has four interchangeable objectives, one of which is fitted with Lieberkuhn reflectors.


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