Beers from the United States L-M

Liberty Ale - Brewed using American pale malt, this traditional style ale boasts a robust, hearty taste with an aromatic flavor.

Lone Star - Produced in the Heart of Texas, Lone Star is brewed with choice grains, hops, and crystal clear water to create a smooth taste.

Michael Shea's Irish Amber Pub Style Lager - A skillful blend of a variety of barley malts, this full-bodied Irish lager has just the right amount of tanginess and aromatic character.

Michelob - This superpremium draft beer has a full, smooth, yet somewhat European taste.

Michelob Amber Bock - Anheuser-Busch first introduced this premium beer in 1995, having a special, rich, roasted taste.

Michelob Light - Introduced as the country's first superpremium light beer, Michelob Light has a pleasant aroma and hop character, as well as smooth taste.

Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor - Brewed by the G. Heileman Brewing Co., Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor is one of the finer beers produced in LaCross, WI.

Miller - One of America's favorite choices, Miller beer is made with the finest barley malts and "the heart of the hop."

Miller Genuine Draft - This draft beer represents a true innovation in American brewing, and is brewed with a patented filtering process that gives it a smooth drinkability.

Miller Lite - The original low calorie beer, Miller Lite is a carefully hand-crafted pilsner that uses the finest in brewing techniques to produce a fuller, richer tasting beer.

Mr. Mike's Light Ale - Bottled and brewed by the New Haven Brewing Company, Mr. Mike's is a fine light ale produced in New Haven, Connecticut.

Beers of the United States

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