Beers from the United States C - K

Cave Creek Chili Beer - Created at the foot of Black Mountain, Arizona, Chili Beer has attracted attention from all over the country, and is sold in 40 states.

Coors - Brewed using high country barleys, malts, premium hops, Rocky Mountain water, and a unique brewing process, Coors is one of the highest quality beers in America.

Coors Light - Brewed from malted barley, choice grain, and hops, Coors Light is known as "The Silver Bullet."

Dead Armadillo - This roasted red handcrafted beer is brewed by the Dead Armadillo Brewing Co. in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Dixie Beer - This pilsner has a noble hop aroma and flavor, and is brewed to a pale yellow color with a bitter taste.

Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager - Produced at the Dixie Brewing Company, this dark lager is brewed using choice malts and hops and has a heavy malt taste.

George Killian's Irish Red Lager - A unique Irish red lager, George Killian's is brewed using choice ingredients, including slow roasted caramel malt.

Grant's Scottish Ale - This rich, full-bodied ale was brewed with traditional Scottish methods, creating a malty-fruity character and spicy, herbal flavor.

Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve Beer - Making every effort to follow traditional brewing techniques, Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve is a true premium, hand-made beer.

Icehouse - The first domestically brewed ice beer, Icehouse is a bold, hoppy beer with no watered-down taste.

Iron City Premium Beer - The flagship beer for the Pittsburgh Brewing Company, Iron City Beer is brewed using choice barley malt, corn, and hops to produce one of the first true lager beers ever brewed in the United States.

Beers of the United States

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