Beer from the land of Ice and Carbon Dioxide

Many people equate beer drinkers in the United States to rednecks driving around throwing Pabst Blue Ribbon cans along the highway as they make their way to the mud bog-in with their 5 dogs, 8 shotguns, chrome-plated toolbox and CB radio in a brand-new, but beat up pickup truck. Actually, we do see those scenes here in the South, but for the most part, there are as many different kinds of American beer drinkers as there are American beers.

We have such a large collection of American beers that we have been forced to break up the thumbnail displays into different pages. The pages are arranged in alaphabetical groups. Click on the group below to access the thumbnail photomicrographs.

Anchor Merry Christmas 1995 Happy New Year Ale - Busch

Cave Creek Chili Beer - Iron City Premium Beer

Liberty Ale - Mr. Mike's Light Ale

Natural Light Beer - Rolling Rock Extra Pale

Samuel Adams Boston Lager - Saxer Three Finger Jack Stout

Schlitz - Zima

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