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Samuel Adams Boston Lager - Leading the American beer revolution is Samuel Adams Boston Lager, a full-bodied brew developed by using the finest ingredients and age old German brewing techniques to produce what has been called "The Best Beer in America."

Samuel Adams Triple Bock - First brewed in 1991, Triple Bock is produced using a caramel malt variety, top-fermenting yeast, and choice European hops to produce a unique flavor reminiscent of old sherry and fine cognac.

Saranac Black and Tan Stout and Lager - This Irish beer is brewed with a wide selection of eleven different malts, creating a hearty classic stout.

Saranac Mountain Berry Ale - This refreshing summer seasonal ale is brewed using raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and honey.

Saxer Amber Lager LB - Specially brewed for excellence, Saxer Amber Lager is developed in the tradition of original American brewmasters.

Saxer Hefendunkel - Using a sophisticated blend of imported German caramel and malted barley, and brewing them with imported hops, Saxer Hefendunkel creates a rich, malt-roasted taste with a smooth finish.

Saxer Lemon Lager - Saxer Lemon Lager is brewed using Oregon grown Pale Malt barley and imported European hops to create a refreshing beer with a crisp, tangy lemon finish.

Saxer Pilsner - Brewed according to the traditions begun in Pilsen, Bohemia, Saxer Pilsner is a classic lager produced from malted barley and choice European floral hops.

Saxer Three Finger Jack Stout - Brewed according to the German Law of Purity, Three Finger Jack Stout is "The only lagered stout we know about."

Beers of the United States

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