Grant's Scottish Ale

Photograph of Grant's Scottish Ale under the microscope

Text from the bottle label: Grant's Scottish Ale - There's good ale. There's great ale. And then there's my Scottish Ale. With all humility, I think this is the world's best ale. How can I be so bold? Because I made this ale to satisfy just one very picky ale lover: me. Please don't expect me to change it. And it all this sounds a bit haughty, please forgive me. I've spent a lifetime trying to brew the perfect ale to suit my own taste; you wouldn't make me start all over again to suit your taste, would you? -- Bert Grant. Contains only: pure water, pure yeast, premium barley malt and the finest Cascade hops. Brewed and bottled by the Yakima Brewing and Malting Co., Inc., Yakima, Washington.

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