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The Cocktail Necktie Collections

Wine Collection Number Two

The limited edition Cocktail Collection featuring the second series of wine patterns consists of 12 carefully selected neckties that are displayed below. Quantities are limited, so please order soon to ensure availability. Click on each of the small necktie pattern icons to download a larger image of the actual necktie material.

Each necktie in the second wine collection is available separately (contact us directly for quantity discounts) and is accompanied by an educational brochure describing the history of these award winning neckties and details about how the images are made in the microscope. The wine Cocktail Collection neckties are priced at only $18.00 plus shipping (and 7.5 percent sales tax for Florida residents). This price is a 40 percent reduction of the cost in stores (actual suggested retail price for individual neckties is $30.00). To order neckties by credit card (Visa and MasterCard), place a checkmark in the appropriate check box below, and then click on the Add to Cart button. For pricing on individual neckties or larger collections, please contact us via email.

Wine 5 Wine 6 Wine 7 Wine 8
Wine 9 Wine 12

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