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Tutorials and Education

3-D Microscopy of Living Cells - Modern methods of 3D light microscopy promise a revolutionary improvement in our ability to view living cells. To help convert this promise to reality for a wider selection of biological scientists, the organizers have designed an intensive eleven-day residential course concentrating on all aspects of the 3D Microscopy of Living Cells. Featuring a world-class faculty, the course is sponsored by the Brain Research Centre at the University of British Columbia.

Cell Biology: Advanced Microscopy for the Teaching Laboratory - Cell biology laboratory exercises were developed using fluorescence microscopes equipped with contrast enhancing optics, video projection and recording systems, and computerized image collection equipment. After learning the microscopy methods through collaborative exercises, students conduct exploratory and original experiments.

Creating your first slide - An illustrated "How-To" on microscope slide preparation by the scientists at Microscopy-UK.

Electron Microscopy - From the Central Facility for Electron Microscopy at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, this tutorial provides basic information on transmission and scanning electron microscopy.

From Bones to Atoms - An excellent and well-illustrated tutorial that includes many photomicrographs and covers topics in optical microscopy, TEM, AFM, SEM, and laser confocal microscopy. This tutorial is sponsored by the M. E. Mueller Institute for Microscopy in Basel, Switzerland.

Growing Crystals That Will Make Your Crystallographer Happy - A graduate-level tutorial on crystal-growing techniques designed to produce samples for X-ray crystallography.

Introduction to Electron Microscopy - Microscopy and imaging services and support for the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center at the Center for Toxicology at the University of Arizona. The Experimental Pathology Core describes their labs and the capabilities of their equipment, training opportuniites, and features a newsletter and updated timeline of accomplishments.

Julius A. Rippel Electron Microscope Facility - This abbreviated tutorial, sponsored by Dartmouth College, offers a quick introduction to several concepts in scanning and transmission electron microscopy (SEM and TEM). Permission from the Director to use this site is required.

Light Microscopy - A basic tutorial on optical microscopy created and maintained by Dr. D. R. Caprette of Rice University. Topics include care of the microscope, alignment, oil immersion, darkfield, differential interference contrast, phase contrast, and measurements.

Light Microscopy - General optical microscopy information with a basic introduction to microscopes, sponsored by Cal State Fullerton. Topics covered include: brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, fluorescence, and differential interference contrast. Some pages are not yet finished.

Light and Optics: Online Meteorology Guide - Sponsored by the Weather World 2010 project at the University of Illinois, this site contains information about "atmospheric optics" and related phenomena.

Microscope Parts - Developed by Ron Neumeyer, this site contains a basic glossary and description of the various parts found in a typical laboratory optical microscope. Also included are links to other websites offering optical microscopy tutorials.

Newport - Newport's Optics and Mechanics site is filled with information, technical literature, and tutorials on many products and subject areas.

Patterns in Nature - Sponsored by the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Arizona State University, this education website offers tutorials and activities on the physics of light and color and optical microscopy.

Proper use of the Compound Microscope - Written and maintained by the Botany Department at the University of Hawaii, this site presents a basic introduction to proper microscope setup and use. Topics include general microscope anatomy, Köhler illumination, and specimen staining.

Scanning Electron Microscopy - An introduction to the concepts of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) by Allen R. Sampson of Advanced Research Systems.

Southern Microscope's Home Page - A very thorough examination of microscopes and microscopy. The site contains detailed information about numerous aspects of optical microscopy as well as information on microscope manufacturers and tips on purchasing the right scope.

Technical Instrument San Francisco - Compiled by TISF, a Northern California Nikon microscope distributor, this website contains a detailed glossary of terms utilized in optical microscopy and several tutorials on microscopy, contrast enhancement, and digital imaging (See References/Downloads pulldown menu).


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