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Microscope and Optical Component Manufacturers

A. Kruess - Nearly 200 years in the business, the A. Kruess company has been closely involved in the fields of technology, science, optics and precision engineering and manufacturing of a wide variety of high precision optical instruments.

ASPEX Instruments LLC - Committed to providing versatile tools to satisfy the materials characterization requirements of an ever-emerging range of industries, ASPEX Instruments (formerly RJ Lee Instruments) provides sophisticated yet user-friendly analytical instruments to application-specific markets.

Cargille Laboratories - A name synonymous with immersion oil, Cargille has consistently led in the development and standardization of immersion media for over 50 years. The company currently offers a variety of oil formulations covering a wide spectrum of viscosities and fluorescence levels. In addition, Cargille manufactures refractive index standards, mounting media, custom liquids for optical engineering, heavy liquids, viscosity tubes, and other useful products for the microscopist.

Craic Technologies - Focused on the development of microspectrophotometers, microspectrometers, microphotometers, and microscope spectrophotometers and spectrometers, Craic Technologies specializes in quantitative analysis in the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared spectral regions. In addition to the spectrometers and spectrophotometers, Craic produces NIST traceable standards, accessories for spectrometry, and analysis software.

DongWon Precision, Ltd. - A company of the DongWon group and founded in 1977, DongWon Precision began with various optical products such as microscopes, binoculars, cameras and other various optical components. By developing new products such as the zoom stereomicroscope, DongWon has proven their products to be both reliable and diversified.

Edmund Scientific - Founded by Norman W. Edmund in 1942, Edmund Scientific has played an important role in America's history by supplying the scientific community with specialty optics and research equipment.

GreatScopes - By offering quality instruments with good clear optics, GreatScopes has provided people from homeschoolers to hobbyists with great microscopes at great prices.

Hitachi Instruments, Inc. - Known worldwide for innovative technology, Hitachi is committed to designing, manufacturing and providing the highest quality scientific instruments available.

JEOL USA, Inc. - A world leader in electron beam technology, JEOL USA provides a full line of electron beam equipment, including electron beam lithography and ion beam systems as well as microscopes.

Leica - Leica Microsystems is recognized as the leading international supplier of instruments, systems and application solutions for histology, specimen preparation, microscopy, measurement, analysis and documentation.

Lomo Optics - Specializing in providing fine optics at economical prices, Lomo Optics offers eight series of microscopes, ranging anywhere from simple universal microscopes to metallurgical and stereomicroscopes.

Meade Instruments Corporation - Founded in 1972 and public since 1997, Meade is a leader in the design and manufacture of microscopes for amateurs. The Company's innovative and technologically advanced products are recognized to be among the best in the world.

Microscope World - Offering a wide assortment of entry-level compound and stereoscopic microscopes and video equipment, the Microscope World website also is a good source of information pertaining to K-12 level activities such as observing protozoans and other microscopic pond creatures.

Molecular Imaging - Providing unique SPM instruments for both the serious research scientist and users of industrial "tools", Molecular Imaging combines true state-of-the-art design with unique imaging technologies.

Narang Enterprises - As India's most reputed manufacturer exporters of surgical, medical and hospital goods, Narang Enterprises has become a well established company in the field of exporting medical & surgical instruments, diagnostics and sundries.

Nikon USA, Inc. - Japanese manufacturer of a extensive line of high quality professional microscopes, objectives, lenses, and cameras.

Olympus America Inc. - Manufacturer with a full lineup of professional microscopes, objectives, consumer cameras, lenses and accessories.

Photon Technology International - With sales offices located around the world, Photon Technology International (PTI) designs, manufacturs, and markets proprietary electro-optical components and instruments targeted at fluorescence applications. Their products are employed in leading laboratories for medical research, health care, industrial process, quality control, environmental science, and other applications.

Optiscan - By engaging in research and development, Optiscan aims to produce a miniature confocal endomicroscope for clinical use, which permits direct and non-invasive views of cells inside the human body.

Thermo NORAN Instruments - Originally founded in 1964 as Northern Scientific, Thermo NORAN Instruments now provides quality products and services for the characterization of materials in the physical and biological science microscopy markets.

Unitron, Inc. - Since 1952, Unitron has designed, manufactured and provided microscopes and telescopes for every type of industry and user. From student use to the most demanding laboratory requirements, Unitron microscopes are built for all uses.

Carl Zeiss, Inc. - Designer and manufacturer of a wide array of precise optical, electronic, and mechanical devices and components.


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