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Microscopy Resource listings

Access Excellence: Microscopy Websites - Sponsored by Genentech, Inc., this site is accurately billed as "A Place in Cyberspace for Biology Teaching and Learning". The site is a compilation of reviews of biological Web sites focusing on microscopy.

DoITPoMS Micrograph Library - The Micrograph Library, based at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy in the University of Cambridge, is a fully searchable collection of over 700 (and growing) materials micrographs intended for use in teaching and learning. There is good representation of all the main categories of materials, especially metals. Each micrograph has stored with it descriptive information, including keywords, system, composition, processing, microscopy technique, and contributor. The Library, can also be browsed by category, system, composition, and keyword.

Electron Microscopy Yellow Pages - This site contains an extensive collection of links related to electron microscopy sites on the Web. It is maintained by Pierre-Henri Jouneau at the Center for Electron Microscopy of the "Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne", in Switzerland.

Microscope Microscopy Links - Sponsored by the Ron Neumeyer's Microimaging Services, this short page of links is one of the best on the Web.

Microscopes and Microscopy - An index containing over 100 microscopy websites, newsgroups, mailing lists, FTP servers, conferences, and a lot more (although it may now be out-of-date). We have noticed that the last modification date displayed on the website is January 31, 1996.

Microscopy & Imaging Resources on the WWW (University of Arizona) - Sponsored by the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center at the University of Arizona, this site is a good resource that is maintained with current URLs by Douglas W. Cromey. Included are listings of educational resources, general microscopy, and websites involved with digital imaging.

Microscopy WWW Sites - By organization - An exhaustive listing of microscopy Web resources listed alphabetically by the sponsoring organization.

Microscopy.Info - A list of resources and a guide to microscopy and microanalysis websites on the internet.

ProSciTech's Online Catalog for Microscopy - An exhaustive compilation of sites dealing with almost every aspect of microscopy. Listings include optical and electron microscopy, microprobe analysis, histology, consumable goods, and equipment. The site is sponsored by ProSciTech in Thuringowa, Australia.

Useful Links from Darst Lab - Links to pages with information on electron microscopy, structural biology, microscopy organizations, microscope and accessory companies, conferences, databases, on-line tools, and scientific journals.

World Wide Web sites on Microscopy - A listing of microscopy websites. This site may be difficult to contact, so keep trying.

WWW Virtual Library: Microscopy - This is an extensive list of site links covering all aspects of light microscopy, electron microscopy and other forms of microscopy.


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