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Digital Imaging

In recent years, optical microscopy has slowly migrated from a dependence on traditional photomicrography using emulsion-based film and has become increasingly reliant on technology that produces electronic images. Indeed, the choice of an imaging device is a critical decision for modern microscopists, but the range of light detection methods and the tremendous variety of imaging devices available can make the selection process difficult. This collection of area array detector resources is designed to simplify this process, providing links to many of the best sites on the Internet that offer CCD and CMOS detectors, as well as other imaging solutions to microscopists.

Andor-Technology - A leader in developing CCDs with the low light sensitivity from the near infrared to the X-ray region, Andor has built a ten-year corporate history of innovation making them a top choice among researchers in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Engineering.

Apogee Instruments - A distributor of high-performance CCD digital imaging cameras, Apogee focuses on solutions for microscopy, spectroscopy, and astronomy. The website features CCD University, a series of tutorials on CCD technology and digital imaging.

CCD Direct - CCD Direct is a new concept in Internet marketing featuring order fulfillment for the industrial and scientific digital vision markets. The site offers a great on-line source for industrial and scientific imaging solutions.

Cooke Corporation - Cooke is a manufacturing, sales and marketing organization specializing in the areas of optical non-contact measuring and monitoring instrumentation, NIST traceable light measurement instrumentation, high speed electronic imaging and light systems and high performance CCD imaging systems. The website also features technical articles describing various aspects of CCD imaging in the biomedical sciences and the photonics industry.

Dage-MTI Inc. - Specializing in electronic digital imaging, Dage-MTI features a complete line of high resolution CCD and tube cameras, monitors, intensifiers, processors/integrators and frame grabbers.

Dalsa - Concentrating on the design and manufacture of CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) and CMOS image capture technology, Dalsa is a leader in this rapidly growing industry that is revolutionizing such applications as optical and electron microscopy, semiconductor and electronics inspection, document scanning, postal sorting and medical applications. Dalsa's website offers extensive technical support, technical papers, primers, FAQs, application notes, and third party links.

Diagnostic Instruments - Diagnostic Instruments manufactures the Spot family of color digital cameras for microscopes as well as a complete line of microscope stands, couplers and transmitted light bases.

Digital Video Camera, Inc. - The DVC company manufactures world-class digital and analog cameras for scientific imaging applications. They also package a complete lineup of imaging systems including cameras, frame grabbers, cables and software for one-stop-shopping.

Fairchild Imaging - Located in Milpitas, California, Fairchild Imaging develops and manufactures solid-state electronic imaging components, including CCD and CMOS image sensors, cameras, and systems for a wide variety of applications including optical and electron microscopy.

FujiFilm Digital Products - Fuji's Digital Products site covers their product lineup of CCD's, digital cameras, comparisons of digital products, software, printers, storage solutions and related digital video imaging products.

Hamamatsu - Hamamatsu CCD's are currently used for spectroscopy, semiconductor wafer inspection and process control, airborne sensing systems, research and astronomy, as well as optical mcirsocopy. The company continues to develop new devices based on their leading edge back-side thinning technology. Featured on the site are technical and application notes, a frequently asked questions section, glossary of terms, software support, and extensive product information.

Hitachi - The Industrial Video Systems Division of Hitachi provides color and monochrome cameras, monitors and accessories for all types of imaging applications including machine vision, robotics, microscopy, distance learning and video conferencing.

Indigo Systems - Indigo is a primary source of advanced infrared solutions for commercial, industrial, scientific, and military applications. Products and service offerings include a wide variety of infrared cameras, OEM IR sensor engines, focal plane arrays, and readout integrated circuits. The website also features on-line publications focusing on technical aspects of IR digital imaging.

Intracellular Imaging, Inc. - I3 designs, manufactures and markets low-cost, high performance digital fluorescence imaging and photometric instrumentation for the global research community. Digital fluorescence imaging, microphotometry and epifluorescence microscopes are a few of the products offered. The Intracellular website offers application notes to help researchers identify and correct problems with fluorescence digital imaging.

Keyence - Keyence manufactures advanced sensors, digital video microscopes and measuring instruments for science and industry. Their broad product line includes laser displacement meters, plc's, laser through-beam photoelectric and fiber optic sensors.

Kodak Digital Imaging - Kodak has developed an extensive website to support the solid state image sensor division, which has in-depth coverage of product information, application support, and news releases on advanced technologies and products.

Media Cybernetics - Manufacturer of the popular Image-Pro Plus scientific image analysis software package, Media Cybernetics provides a wide spectrum of solutions for digital imaging and analysis. Also included on the website are a number of tutorials, technical support articles, and software downloads.

Micron Imaging Products - Centering primarily around complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) imaging devices, this captivating site provides great content and information covering the latest advances in CMOS technology in considerable depth. The website includes an online tutorial describing the basics of CMOS imaging.

Optronics - A leader in the microscopy digital imaging arena, Optronics produces high quality video and digital imaging systems for a variety of scientific and technical applications. The Optronics website offers a technical support section with support documents and technical white papers.

Panasonic Industrial and Medical Cameras - Panasonic offers a wide spectrum of products geared to digital imaging applications in the industrial and medical arenas. This website features detailed information about Panasonic's product lineup.

PCO AG - PCO distributes high performance Digital CCD camera systems targeted at the scientific community. The company hosts a nice site with product manuals and drivers in addition to technical information on CCDs, image intensifiers, and general optics.

Photonics - One of the most comprehensive and respected websites in the industry, the Photonics index page features daily headline news, business and technology articles, product reviews, an industry directory, a calendar of courses and events, links to trade publications, and an employment center.

QImaging - The QImaging Corporation specializes in a wide variety of high-performance CCD cameras and imaging systems for the industrial and scientific imaging markets. Their digital cameras are used around the world in a broad spectrum of applications including microscopy, cancer imaging, DNA analysis, industrial inspection, materials analysis, fluorescence imaging, academic research, and medical imaging.

Roper Scientific - Princeton Instruments, Inc., Photometrics, Ltd., and Acton Research Corporation have joined forces to become Roper Scientific, Inc., a new leader in high-performance digital imaging and spectroscopy systems. The conglomerate offers solutions in high-performance CCD imaging, motion analysis, industrial imaging, spectroscopy, and optics. Also included on the website is an extensive on-line library containing tutorials, application notes and briefs, technical notes, an encyclopedia, glossary, and white papers.

Sony Semiconductor - Sony offers a wide selection of both area and linear CCD chips for OEM manufacturers. Visit this website for data sheets and specifications on particular chips and other information concerning their digital imaging product lineup.

Sony Broadcast and Professional Visual Imaging - Sony Visual Imaging Products offers a full line of industrial CCD video cameras that are reliable even in the most demanding applications. From machine vision, factory automation, microscopy and inspection to security and process control, Sony's emphasis is on providing value, choice and flexibility.

Digital Imaging Web Magazines

Biophotonics International - Published bimonthly, Biophotonics International presents the latest global developments and techniques in the photonics industry to those in the medical and biotechnology fields. Each issue contains special applications features plus topical columns such as "Biophotonics in Practice", "Technology Solutions", or "Biophotonics in Research", in addition to the latest industry news, government news, information on courses, conferences, literature, and new product listings.

Megapixel.net - Visit one of the premier Webzine monthly Internet magazines covering all aspects of digital photography. Featured are digital camera reviews and the latest information on a wide variety of topics in this rapidly growing arena. Tutorials and technical information are included on a wide spectrum of subjects as well as quick tips and general information on digital photography.

Photonics Spectra - Published by Laurin Publishing Company, this monthly trade magazine covers news, events, and feature articles in the photonics industry. Photonics, the science of light, has a history of success in solving clinical and research problems in diverse applications through such products and techniques as spectroscopy, lasers, microscopy, imaging and fiber optics. Also featured each month is a section dedicated to analysis of new products ranging from detectors to fiber optic components, positioning equipment, testing instruments, and lasers.

Solutions! Digital Microscopy Internet Magazine - Addressing a variety of topics in video microscopy, the Digital Microscopy Internet Magazine provides detailed information on specific areas of interest to those working with imaging solutions in all areas of microscopy.



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