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Microscopy Booksellers

Abebooks.com - abebooks.com (ABE) is the world's largest web-based network of independent booksellers, which provides its member booksellers with the online capability of selling their books worldwide to customers in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Visitors are able to purchase books directly via email with their credit cards or they can contact and arrange for sales from booksellers who do not accept credit cards.

Alibris - Billed as "the ultimate source for used, rare, and hard-to-find books", Alibris is an e-commerce bookseller specializing in a wide spectrum of books. A quick search on the term "microscope" yields listings of over 200 specific books dealing with microscopes and microscopy.

Amazon.com - One of the most popular and successful booksellers on the Web, Amazon.com provides quick service with credit card orders directly through your browser. Out-of-Print and rare books are also available, and Amazon.com will undertake a prolonged search for these books. This site is highly recommended for book purchases on the Web.

Barnes & Noble - Making the bold statement: "If we don't have your book, nobody does", the Barnes & Noble website follows through by featuring over 1500 books on topics related to microscopy including about 300 out-of-print titles. A powerful search engine is available for quick searches.

Bibliofind - Featuring more than ten million used and rare books, periodicals and ephemera offered for sale by thousands of booksellers around the world, this site is a good resource for out-of-print books. A search on the term "microscope" returned hundreds of entries.

BookFinder.com - Rather than selling books themselves, BookFinder.com has worked to create a truly useful free book search tool for all kinds of readers. BookFinder.com is a one-stop search site that lets users view the collections of over 20,000 sellers of new, used, rare, and out-of-print books. The twenty million titles available comprise the largest book catalog available anywhere, either online or offline.

Chapters.ca - Chapters, Canada's leading bookseller, offers a wide selection (including hard-to-find Canadian book titles) and extremely competitive prices. Transactions are all in Canadian dollars with orders taken through a secure Web server. This site is the Canadian version of Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Freshwater Biological Association - A British organization offering a wide spectrum of books related to freshwater biology, the FBA conducts research into all aspects of freshwater science and technology. Books sold through the Web may be purchased with Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, or through checks drawn on British banks and Eurocheques. Although not as convenient as the online booksellers (Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble), this website offers many difficult to find titles on freshwater biology.

The Geological Society Web Shop - Specializing in books focused on the Geological arena, this UK-based website offers online ordering, but no keyword-specific search engine. Categories include tectonics, petrology, stratigraphy, marine studies, geophysics, and economic geology.

The Gemmary - The Gemmary features sales of antique scientific instruments in addition to old and rare books. Online catalogs include the Antique Scientific Instrument Catalog; Exceptional Instruments; Slide Rules; the Science Book Catalog; and Conservation & Archival Products. The Science Book catalog contains books relating to the physical sciences, microscopy, antiques, computing, mineralogy, and mining with over 130 microscopy titles.

Knowledge Books and Software - Knowledge Books and Software is Australia's leading education and training multimedia production company. KBS also excels in web development, interfaces to existing information systems, project management and consulting.

McCrone Microscopy Publications - Featuring the international scientific journal The Microscope, the McCrone Research Institute publications division also offers a series of fine books entitled "The Microscope Series". Several additional titles by Dr. Walter McCrone and his associates are also available from this website.

Microscopy and Hand Lens Books - Sponsored by the Compleat Naturalist, this site features books dealing with beginning-level microscopy and experimentation with a hand lens.

Natural History Book Service - This bookseller features thousands of titles describing and explaining the amazing diversity of the natural world - field guides, textbooks, monographs, reports, CDs, videos, and cassettes on every environmental subject - from aardvarks and amphibians through to zebras, from biogeochemistry, botany and ecology to environmental assessment, species and habitat conservation, zoology, and much more. A search confirms the availability of hundreds of books related to microscopy.

Practical Microscopy - A guide to basic optical microscopy, billed as "probably the best practical microscopy "know-how" book ever published. The 144-page book by J. Eric Marson is heavy on specimen preparation, one of the most important aspects of microscopy.

Savona Books - Specializing in microscopy and related subjects, this United Kingdom bookseller accepts orders through email only. An extensive catalog of holdings is available through email request.


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