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We have carved this gallery of corporate logos out of the main body of the Silicon Zoo so that our visitors can have rapid access to the smallest available renditions of logos from their favorite companies.

This section also contains images of corporate "mascots" such as the Fort Collins Goose and the Cypress tree that is found on all Cypress Semiconductor chips. Another corner of the zoo, "Silicon Scriptures", contains photomicrographs of designers' names and initials, declarations, and other messages left on the surface of integrated circuits. We have also established a gallery of "Lesser Doodles", which is composed of less complex silicon artwork than that found in the main gallery.

We are in perpetual search of additional integrated circuits that may contain residual scribbling left by chip designers. If you know of any, please email us with the pertinent information. We will be happy to pay for registered shipping of the chips both ways to ensure they do not get "lost" in the mail.

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Advanced Micro Devices Sword - We found this sword along with the AMD logo on a clone of the Intel 80286 microprocessor marketed in the late 1980s.

Allen-Bradley Logo - Allen-Bradley is a division of Rockwell International and their chip designers usually place a copy of the logo in unused areas of the chips.

The Apple Clef - This miniature treble clef was discovered on an Apple sound chip.

Atmel Logo - Atmel is a designer and manufacturer of logic integrated circuits. We spotted the Atmel logo on a gate array chip recovered from a 486-era circuit board.

AvaSem - We captured the logo from this clock chip manufacturer on an integrated circuit salvaged from an early Pentium motherboard.

Big Blue - IBM is proud of their logo and they install it on almost every integrated circuit that they fabricate.

Crystal by Cirrus - The crystal brand name is part of the product lineup by Cirrus Logic, a major semiconductor manufacturer.

The Cypress Tree - The Cypress Semiconductor logo contains this slick tree.

Florida State University Seminoles - The Seminoles' Chief Osceola and the Lady Seminoles have their logos (80 microns in size) on the Silicon Graphics MIPS R12000 microprocessor.

Fort Collins Goose - We caught this goose flying near a Colorado landmark on a NCR Microelectronics integrated circuit.

The Fujitsu Logo - Fujitsu is one of Japan's largest computer chip manufacturers and company designers often place a miniature copy of the logo on their integrated circuit products.

General Instrument Chips - Specializing in Internet access, telecommunications, and the video industry, General Instruments logos can be found on many of their computer chips.

Hewlett-Packard Logo - Hewlett-Packard places their famous logo on most of their integrated circuits.

IBM-Siemens Collaborative Logo - IBM has many collaborators in the chip arena. A partnership between Siemens and IBM has resulted in the production of a 64 Mbit DRAM chip containing a collaborative logo.

IBM-Siemens-Toshiba Collaborative Logo - A collaboration between three chip giants is acknowledged by this logo rendered in IBM-style letters.

IDT Galaxy RISController - An unusual mask alignment target was located on this state-of-the-art controller chip.

The Inmos Logo - The logo of this now defunct (merged with STMicroelectronics) computer company can be found on most of their integrated circuits.

The Intel Logo - Intel often places a copy of their famous logo on the chips they manufacture. This version was photographed while examining their first microprocessor, the 4004.

The I's of Texas - A very clean rendition of the Texas Instruments logo was found on a 486 clone chip.

The Intel Klamath - The copyright notice is surrounded with designers' initials on this first version of the Pentium II microprocessor.

Micronix Corporate Logo - We photographed the logo for this Taiwanese chip maker while examining their integrated circuits.

Mitsubishi Logo - The corporate logo is often included on the surface of integrated circuits produced by this Japanese corporate giant.

Motorola RISC Mask Design - We discovered this 50-micron logo near the scribe line on a PowerPC 603 integrated circuit.

Mount Med - These miniature silicon "mountains" from an NCR chip may actually be pyramids.

Music Semiconductors - Music adds their logo in 60-micron high letters to most of their content-addressable memory chips.

National Semiconductor Logo - This miniature 40-micron rendition of the famous National Semiconductor logo was discovered on one of their ethernet controller chips.

Pacific Gas and Electric Logo - The complex circuitry of a Motorola 68HC05PG microcontroller contains a small logo containing lightning bolts and a small silicon building that probably represents the Pacific Gas and Electric company.

Samsung Logo - Korean integrated circuit producer Samsung often places the company logo in computer chips.

Sanyo in Silicon - The Japanese electronics firm Sanyo often places their logo on the surface of specialized integrated circuits.

The Silicon Graphics Logo - The MIPS R12000 microprocessor sports the best rendition of the SGI logo that we have seen to date.

Silicon Image Logo - Housed on the same chip with a Simpson's cartoon character, this tiny logo is one of the nicest we have seen rendered in silicon.

Silicon Integrated Systems - These guys hid their logo in a series of parallel buses.

Silicon Scriptures - This corner of the Silicon Zoo contains designers' names and initials, messages, declarations, and other scribbles that we have found on computer chips.

Brooktree Sailboat - A sailboat with the sun are sailing on all of the chips we have examined by Brooktree, a division of Rockwell Semiconductor.

Silicon Systems Logo - We found a rather nice logo from this corporation, which produces custom application-specific integrated circuits.

STMicroelectronics - This silicon logo for SGS-Thomson Microelectronics was photographed on one of their pre-1998 integrated circuits.

Ross Technology Logo - Many companies recreate their logos in silicon on their integrated circuit products. Ross Technology signs all of their chips with this snappy logo.

Sequent Sunrays - A unique sun ray logo was spotted on a SGS-Thomson sequent chip of unknown function.

Texas A & M University - This 25-micron high silicon rendition of the Texas A & M logo may be the smallest the Aggies have ever produced.

VSLI Technology Custom Chips - VLSI Technology is a large custom-design integrated circuit manufacturer who produces specialized chips for a variety of applications.

Xilinx Corporate Logo - We photographed the Xilinx corporate logo while examining one of their logic integrated circuits under the microscope.

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