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American Laboratory

American Laboratory is circulated to subscribers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The subscribers are mainly analytical chemists, applied spectroscopists, and life scientists employed in industrial, government, and academic laboratories. Articles appearing in American Laboratory are submitted by scientists who are authorities in the field of laboratory instrumentation and focus on detailed applications of new and existing instrumentation. Articles are selected specifically to cover topics that are of current interest to readers and emphasize practical information, reporting advances in laboratory practice.

American Laboratory - June, 1991 - Volume 23, Number 10; cover photograph of trinitrotoluene (TNT).

American Laboratory - August, 1991 - Volume 23, Number 12; cover photograph of dicloran.

American Laboratory - October, 1991 - Volume 23, Number 16; cover photograph of ampicillin.

American Laboratory - August, 1993 - Volume 25, Number 13; cover photograph of lanthanum aluminate.

American Laboratory - April, 1994 - News Edition, Volume 26; cover photograph of taxol.

American Laboratory - August, 1994 - Volume 26, Number 13; cover photograph of chloramphemicol.

American Laboratory - April, 1995 - Volume 27, Number 7; cover photograph of molybdenum sulfide.

American Laboratory - June, 1995 - Volume 27, Number 9; cover photograph of adriamycin.

American Laboratory - July, 1995 - Volume 27, Number 10; cover photograph of sephadex.

American Laboratory - October, 1995 - Volume 27, Number 13; cover photograph of fluonid.

American Laboratory - April, 1996 - Volume 28, Number 7; cover photograph of the MIPS R4400 microprocessor.

American Laboratory - June, 1996 - Volume 28, Number 9; cover photograph of an IBM 16-megabit RAM chip.

American Laboratory - July, 1998 - Volume 30, Number 10; cover photograph of TRIS.

American Laboratory - December, 1998 - Volume 30, Number 15; cover photograph of a smectic liquid crystal on graphite.

Chromatography/Separation Science - Cover photograph of sephadex.


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