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Pulsed Magnets

Pulsed magnets are among the strongest magnets in the world, and come in two forms: destructive and non-destructive. Of these two, non-destructive magnets are more suited towards scientific research, as they can reach some of the highest magnetic fields experimentally possible. This applet demonstrates how a non-destructive short pulse magnet works, and shows the relative field strengths generated.

In this applet, the energy used by the short pulse magnet is stored in the capacitor bank. This bank is capable of storing extremely large amounts of energy, and is used to discharge (pulse) that energy through the magnetic coil. This in turn makes the pulse magnet's temperature rise greatly, so it is necessary to pulse the capacitor bank for a few milliseconds at a time in order to keep the magnet's temperature under control. However, if too much energy is sent through a capacitor bank with a very high capacitance, there is a possibility that the stress of the magnetic field on the magnet will cause it to explode. Also take note that the crowbar diode is used to change the flow of current from the capacitor to the magnet, from AC to DC.


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