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Texas Instruments Integrated Circuits

Founded in 1930, Texas Instruments has been renowned for developing and commercializing semiconductor and computer technology. In 1954, TI designed the first transistor radio and independently developed the integrated circuit in 1958. The 7400 series of transistor-transistor logic (TTL) chips, developed by TI in the 1960s, popularized the use of integrated circuits in computer logic. TI invented the hand-held calculator in 1967, the single-chip microcomputer in 1971, and was assigned the first (almost simultaneous with Intel) patent on a single-chip microprocessor in 1973. Semiconductor products account for approximately 85 percent of TI's revenues, particularly digital signal processors, high-speed digital/analog converters, and high performance analog circuits. TI has had great success in wireless communications with around 50 percent of all cellular phones sold worldwide containing TI chips. TI also is a top producer of digital light processors used in digital and video cameras.

Complete Die Photomicrographs
TIACT 8847

Small Die (89k) | Medium Die (165k) | Large Die (221k)

High Magnification Images

486SXL2 50MHz (58k) - Partial die shot of the chip corner showing bonding wires with oblique illumination using red and blue gels.


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