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Hewlett-Packard Integrated Circuits

PA-7300LC Microprocessor

The digital image presented below is a reflected light micrograph of the Hewlett-Packard PA-7300LC microprocessor captured with differential interference contrast (DIC) optics. In order to enhance the visualization of busses, registers, and memory caches, the chip was illuminated obliquely using purple and yellow gels with fiber optics light guides and tungsten-halogen illumination.

Examine a larger version of this digital image.

Introduced as Hewlett-Packard's first "System on a Chip", the PA-7300LC microprocessor was designed to double the performance of the PA-7100LC and was targeted for low-end computing systems manufacturer in high volumes at reduced costs. The chip features a high level of integration and can be configured and scaled for a broad range of system configurations. Manufactured on a 3.3-volt 0.5-micrometer fabrication process, the superscalar integrated circuit combines both the primary and secondary cache controller, as well as the DRAM controller on-chip to provide fast input/output data and instruction rates.


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