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Optical Illusions:

Color Wheels

Optical illusions based on movement can be constructed in a variety of ways. Here we explore color wheels (with adjustable speeds) using simple patterns that create some spectacular optical illusions. The interactive tutorials listed below contain a combination of different patterns for your enjoyment.

Each pattern takes approximately 8-15 seconds to download over a 28.8K modem.

Color Wheel #1 - A multi-colored disk spins rapidly to show the apparent change in color.

Color Wheel #2 - Another multi-colored disk can be spun at varying speeds to demonstrate the shift in apparent color with wheel speed.

Color Wheel #3 - A color wheel with a yellow, black, and red pattern that appears to actually slow down when rotation speed is increased.

Color Wheel #4 - This pattern, containing three colored straight lines, creates geometric patterns when spun at high speed.

Color Wheel #5 - Another colored three-line pattern that generates geometric patterns when spun at high speed.

Color Wheel #6 -- This six lined symmetrical pattern displays interesting effects when spun at varying speeds.

Color Wheel #7 - A pattern containing three green lines of varying hue produces circles, stars, and tic-tac-toe layouts as a function of rotation speed.

Color Wheel #8 - When this three lined pattern is spun fast enough, it appears to create a large square.

Color Wheel #9 - A radial pattern of multi-colored lines creates strange and beautiful designs when spun at varying speeds.

Color Wheel #10 - This four-lined pattern creates a variety of circle and square shaped geometric patterns.

Color Wheel #11 - A black and white pattern can often create apparent color patterns when the disk is spun at the highest speeds.

Color Wheel #12 - This black and white pattern has interior portions that appear to rotating in different directions when the wheel is spun at high speed.

Color Wheel #13 - This black and white spiral pattern appears to have a tinge of color in the center at high rotation speeds.

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