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QX3 Digital Image Gallery

Reflected Brightfield Microscopy

The Intel QX3 microscope is designed to image specimens in both reflected and transmitted illumination. Using the reflected brightfield illumination technique, we have taken a look at just about everything we could find around the house, in the garden, and at the lab. This gallery presents the best digital images from that effort.

Aluminum Foil - Microscopic metallic hills and valleys glisten under illumination from the QX3 microscope to create a surrealistic landscape.

Butterfly Wing - Miniature scales that protect the butterfly wing from water become clearly visible at high magnifications.

Capacitors - Metal plates that store electrical charges are revealed in digital images of a dissected capacitor.

Coffee Filter - The fibrous texture of a section of coffee filter paper becomes evident as the magnification is increased.

Colorless Light Emitting Diode (LED) - Closeup images of a light emitting diode, which was molded with clear polymer, reveal the internal electrical components.

Diodes - These miniature electronic components were removed from a circuit board for digital imaging with the QX3 microscope.

Dissected Cardboard - After peeling back the surface covering from a section of cardboard, we examined the corrugated texture of the underlying material.

Dried Tree Leaf - An examination of the veins and textures present on the surface of a leaf that has fallen and started to decompose.

Electrical Wires - The metallic surface and plastic insulation from small electrical wires are examined under the QX3 microscope.

Feathers - Feathers have a complex structure of veins, hooks, and barbules that protect birds from the environment and assist them during flight.

Green Tree Leaf - This fresh healthy leaf was plucked from a tree and examined with the Intel QX3 computer microscope.

Hard Drive Circuit Board - Features of the tiny components comprising a circuit board from a computer hard drive are imaged in reflected brightfield illumination.

Kellogg's Rice Krispies Cereal - A rough surface texture of toasted rice is very evident upon examination of this cereal under the microscope.

Felt Tip Marker - We zero in on a typical permanent ink marker to see how the inky felt appears under the microscope.

Micro Machine Cadillac Convertible - Image magnification of a miniature toy automobile is increased until defects in the paint are visible.

Necktie - Silk fabric comprising a designer necktie is examined at increasing magnifications.

Paper Towel - The fibrous composition of a paper towl becomes apparent as we rachet up the magnification with the QX3 computer microscope.

Pencil - After examining a pencil under the microscope, we have come to the conclusion that it looks better unmagnified.

Printing Ink Dot Pattern - One of the first things we put under the QX3 microscope was the box in which it was packed.

Toothpick - Grain structure in the cellulose fiber of a toothpick becomes visible under the microscope.


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