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Carl Zeiss Brain Section Microscope

This microscope is signed "Carl Zeiss, Jena, No. 33362", and was designated the brain section microscope when introduced sometime around 1902. The model featured below was redrawn from a photograph of the original microscope, which is part of the Billings microscope collection at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington DC.

With a sturdy horseshoe base, this microscope was derived from the popular Zeiss Stand ID design. The large stage is almost 10 inches square and is incurved at the front with two very large spring clips to secure specimens. Such a large stage requires an abnormal projection of the microscope limb, which positions the body tube in approximately the center of the stage. A single ocular and objective occupy each end of the body tube, which is focused by a rack and pinion mechanism controlled by a pair of knurled brass knobs. Beneath the stage, attached to the stand, is a substage condenser and plane mirror. Accessories include a triple revolving nosepiece and spare objectives.


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