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On May 15, 1997, Dillard's department stores introduced Miracle ExpressionsTM neckwear nationwide. This distinctive collection of ties will benefit hospitalized children on a local level-in communities served by Dillard's stores-through Children's Miracle Network (CMN). Miracle ExpressionsTM neckwear bears designs inspired by the intricate molecular structure of various "miracle drugs" currently being used by doctors around the country to treat seriously ill children. A 5% portion of the proceeds from the sale of these ties will be donated to CMN, to be disbursed locally to children's hospitals in Dillard's neighborhoods. It is CMN's founding pledge to keep 100% of donations in the area in which they were raised.

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    Hydrocortisone - Hydrocortisone is a member of the corticosteroid family of drugs that is used to treat temporary itching associated with minor skin irritations, inflammations, and rashes.

    Hydroxyurea - Hydroxyurea is a 30 year old anticancer drug that may help certain anti-HIV drugs work better. It works by reducing the number of nucleotides inside cells, making it harder for HIV to reproduce and make more viruses.

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