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Optical Illusions:

Spinning Disks

Optical illusions based on movement can be constructed in a variety of ways. Here we explore spinning disks and color wheels using simple patterns that create some spectacular optical illusions. The interactive Java tutorials listed below contain a combination of different patterns for your enjoyment.

Each pattern takes approximately 8-15 seconds to download over a 28.8K modem.

Disk Pattern #1 - A Java-powered circular pattern rotates over a fixed black and white bitmap image that is a 12-sided radial polygon.

Disk Pattern #2 - Another circular pattern that rotates clockwise or counterclockwise over a red rounded-triangle pattern.

Disk Pattern #3 - A red radial pattern intertwines with a black radial pattern to create unusual color effects.

Disk Pattern #4 - This tutorial superimposes a black radial pattern over a yellow fixed radial pattern.

Disk Pattern #5 - The radial black pattern now rotates over a fixed radial pattern made with wavy black and yellow lines.

Disk Pattern #6 - When the radial black pattern is rotated over a yellow and black polygon, the illusion of falling into a tunnel is produced.

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