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Interactive Java Tutorials

This site is designed as a convenient location for our visitors to view the various Java tutorials that we have constructed to aid in teaching concepts about how mirrors reflect real images and project virtual images.

Concave Mirrors: Reflecting Real Images - This tutorial examines how mirrors produce a real reflection of an object when it is positioned at a distance greater than the focal point of the concave mirror.

Concave Mirrors: Reflecting Virtual Images - When an object is positioned between the concave mirror and its focal point, then a virtual image of the object is formed.

Convex Mirrors - These mirrors produce a virtual image of an object when it lies between the mirror surface and its focal point.

Contributing Authors

Mortimer Abramowitz - Olympus America, Inc., Two Corporate Center Drive., Melville, New York, 11747.

Kirill I. Tchourioukanov and Michael W. Davidson - National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, 1800 East Paul Dirac Dr., The Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, 32310.


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