Cranberry Juice Cocktail

The very first beverage offered by Ocean Spray was cranberry juice cocktail, launched in 1930. It was the success of this pioneering drink that paved the way for the development of other cranberry beverages and Ocean Spray products. Offering 100 percent of the body’s dietary requirement for vitamin C in each serving, cranberry juice cocktail combines good taste with good nutrition. In fact, recent studies have confirmed the long-held belief that cranberries offer numerous health benefits. Most notably, the tart red berries and their juice have been found to help maintain the good condition of the urinary tract, the condensed tannins they contain hindering certain destructive bacteria from sticking to the important anatomical system. For those who want even greater benefits from a fruit drink, Ocean Spray now offers a cranberry juice cocktail fortified with calcium, an element crucial to the development and maintenance of strong bones.

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