Starch Granules in Potato Tissue

Presented in the digital image above is a thin section photomicrograph of potato (Solanum tuberosum) tissue illustrating a portion of mature tuber with periderm, cortex, reduced vascular tissues, and starch storage granules. The section was stained with a quadruple mixture containing the following ingredients: safranin O (stains nuclei, chromosomes, lignified and cutinized cell walls red); fast green (stains cytoplasm and cellulose cell walls green); crystal violet (stains starch grains purple as evident in the photomicrograph); and orange G (stains acidophilic cytoplasm and cell walls yellow to green). Digital images were captured in brightfield illumination with a Nikon Eclipse E600 microscope attached to a DXM 1200 digital camera system. Note the large number of significant starch granules present in this tissue.

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