Apple Pie Yogurt

Despite the saying “as American as apple pie,” neither the apple nor the pie has its origins in America. Apples were brought to the New World by Europeans and some types of pie have been eaten since antiquity. Indeed, the apple pie specifically was a favorite of the Elizabethans. However, the apple pie may be said to have been perfected in America since the apples grown in the country flourished in an unprecedented way and the edible crust has been linked to Dutch inhabitants of Pennsylvania. Today the crust of a typical apple pie, which was referred to in its inedible form by the English as the coffyn, is almost as enjoyable as the sweet filling it contains. In frozen yogurt or ice cream, the subtle crunch of the crust of an apple pie is especially pleasing, a fact which is supported by the success of the Ben & Jerry’s version of the treat featured here.

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