St. Pauli Girl

St. Pauli Girl beer was first brewed in Bremen, Germany during the seventeenth century. The name of the beer is derived from St. Paulís Monastery, which was the site where the original St. Pauli Girl brewery was built. Created only with high-quality natural ingredients, St. Pauli Girl beer is made according to the long-held German Purity Law, which contends that nothing other than barley malt, hops, and water be utilized to produce a brew. Though only introduced to select markets in the United States in 1965, the delicious beer was distributed widely across the country within a decade. Today, three different types of St. Pauli Girl beer are available, including St. Pauli Girl Lager, St. Pauli Girl Special Dark, and St. Pauli Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage.

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