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There is a certain amount of hesitation in the medical field to prescribe clozaril to any but the most severe sufferers of schizophrenia. This reluctance is due to the serious side effects associated with the drug, which include seizures, decreased blood pressure, accelerated heart rate, myocarditis, and agranulocytosis, or a dangerously reduced white blood cell count. Moreover, a number of more standard drug therapies are often utilized before clozaril is recommended in hopes that treatment with the antipsychotic medication will not be necessary. On the positive side, however, clozaril is not believed to be addictive, nor does the drug generate a "high" for the patient. As with any medications, prospective patients and their guardians should consult with their medical practitioner before beginning clozaril therapy in order to fully understand all of the potential risks and benefits of treatment.

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